Reaching the Individual Among Your Audience

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, personas of the audience, Persona ArchitectureIn my last post, we looked at how it can be difficult for some entrepreneurs and authors to pin down who exactly they’re selling or writing to. Many people have a fuzzy idea of their audience, since they base their idea of their client on general terms, rather than specific examples. But when you target individuals, in particular individuals who can represent different personality types, you can truly speak to and understand your client.

You can get a good idea of who these individuals are by thinking in terms of the personas of the audience. Personas are an essential part of knowing your customer.

We work with our clients to create personas of their clients – and we base these personas on commonly accepted classifications of personality types, among other criteria. It’s what’s we call Persona Architecture. Persona Architecture uses deep insight into human nature and the unique ways we make decisions to create representations of your ideal customers and readers. Persona Architecture is based on the work of bestselling authors Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, with whom we’ve worked often.

We use the process of personality discovery to determine the kinds of customers who make up your audience. Then we create what these so-called personas, which are detailed descriptions of each of your audience’s different personalities (detail-oriented, competitive, free-spirited, process-minded). This enables us to speak to a broad audience on a personal level, because we anticipate what those individuals are looking for and what they need from you.

Personas are representative yet specific examples of the kind of person who’s interested in your book, business, product or service. A persona is created from digging deep into demographic data, life history and personal needs in order to create a fictionalized representative of a particular kind of customer – a kind of avatar, if you will – to whom you will target your marketing. We work with our clients to create personas that are as clear and specific as a real person is – one who has told you everything about himself or herself on a level you don’t generally get among your acquaintances.

This helps you really know who your audience, client or reader may be.

We’ll continue to explore this in our next post.

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