Read This And You Will Achieve Your Goals!

If you are anything like me, certain questions arise whenever you are considering a purchase:

1. What are the advantages?

2. Is it the superior choice?

3. Is it credible?

4. How can this help me be more productive and achieve my goals?

5. What kind of research has been done?

Now, the level of analysis may vary depending on the significance of the purchase, but at the end of the day, you want to know you are dealing with something or someone that is competent and delivers results.

Push marketers spent decades promising those results. That is why their campaigns worked. We have come to understand most of those promises were empty, but there was a 40-year period there (1963-2003) when we wanted to believe everything they said was true. We were self-absorbed idealists who were willing to indulge ourselves if the indulgence would make our lives better. As William Strauss and Neil Howe put it in their 1991 book, Generations: The History of America’s Future 1584-2069, the Baby Boom generation, “developed a unique brand of perfectionism in consumption, a desire for the best within a very personal (and often financially austere) definition of taste.”

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But those tastes began to change as Baby Boomers passed the torch of consumption to their children and grandchildren. Today’s Millennial generation is much more civic-minded. You can’t just stick an ad in their face and expect them to respond. Their purchasing decisions are not based on features and benefits as much as they are on  between themselves and the seller.

The marketing masquerade has ended. You actually have to stand up for what you believe in and deliver what you promise if you want their business. They ask questions like:

1. What are you about?

2. What are you doing to make a difference?

3. Are you being authentic and transparent?

4. Are you willing to admit your flaws?

5. What are my “friends” saying about their experiences with you?

Are you feeling this shift in perspective in your audience? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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