Repeating Your Message so That It’s Recalled

Beneath the Cover, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellWe’ve been looking at frequency and repetition for your public relations campaign to be effective. Why does the message have to be repeated so frequently?

Think in terms of short-term memory. When we sleep, the least relevant electrical memories are erased. So every time a person in your target market goes to sleep, that person either forgets your message entirely or forgets most of it. By repeating your salient message over and over again, you will help move the message from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Remember the size of the markets we’ve discussed for your book – ocean, lake, bayou, well and puddle. The frequency can vary depending on that size. So for puddle and well markets, a certain degree of frequency can be difficult to attain, since there aren’t enough media outlets or other outlets such as blogs or podcasts that are likely to target puddle and well markets with enough frequency. Puddle markets have limited attraction for media outlets, and even tough reputable journals may appeal to well markets, they generally don’t appear too often to create a lasting effect for your message. You’ve got to be creative and attract people in your market in creative ways.

Your newsletter would be a good place to begin. And you could target the newsletters of companies and organizations within your market that might also have newsletters. You could see about speaking about your book, which might lead to a write-up of it in one of these corporate-customer newsletters. You will have to think about this creatively, but the goal is to expose your target audience to your message consistently and often, even if that audience is a narrow (or shallow one, metaphorically speaking).

The larger bayou, lake and ocean markets have plenty of media outlets available for your public relations message. But the broad appeal of these markets also increases the competition for your message. Your share of voice will be lower in a broad market. You need then to increase your impact quotient to attract media attention to your message. Because writers (journalists, reporters, bloggers) in bayou, lake and ocean markets have plenty of stories to choose from, your job is to make your story so poignant and important that these writers will take notice of it.

As you can see, effective PR takes a lot of work and creative thinking. While it can be a lot more effective and definitely less expensive than advertising it can take more effort.

In the next few blogs, we’ll look at the six most-common public relations mistakes.

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