Seduce with Your Book Using ‘Wizardry’

wizard academy, writingA book should seduce you somehow. Even a business book.

The book should have a sense of wonder, surprise and a journey. Even a business book should make you think about the world in a new way.

How do you create that surprise, that wonder?

You open the doors to discovery using a new language of the mind.

Okay, you might be thinking, what exactly are we talking about here?

We’re talking portals. Doors to discovery.

The thing is, creativity is a strange trait: hard to describe, hard to teach. But the tools that can unleash creativity, and make you a better communicator, are there for you. Especially at the Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas, a decidedly nontraditional, nonprofit business school dedicated to reverse-engineering creativity and marketing.

And on March 18 and 19, Roy H. Williams the founder of Wizard Academy, and one of the world’s most brilliant marketers, is leading a course called “Portals and the 12 Languages of the Mind.”

It sounds like heady stuff. And it is. But it’s also inspiring and eye-opening. And fun. And practicable.

The course is an intense two-day exploration of the universe of communication. It will open up your mind up to think beyond how you normally think, whether it’s marketing or writing a book, by exploring how people transmit thoughts and feelings, through what Roy Williams has found are the 12 languages of the mind, and the portals that move us form one state of consciousness to another.

Now, some writers and marketers do this instinctively. But if you’re among the many who aren’t gifted in this way, this course will lead you through how portals deepen our interest in the world around us, from paintings and stories to restaurants and retail.

Here are the 12 portals:

1. Shape. Shapes sends messages: angles are different from curves.

2. Numbers. You can be complex or simple, and speak in a language that seduces numerically.

3. Phonemes. These are evocative sounds represented by letters of the alphabet.

4. Color. Color sells or repels: it’s often combined with shape and radiance (see below).

5. Proximity. How near or far are you, what sense do you have of large or small, left or right, up or down?

6. Music. This is any sound that isn’t a phoneme.

7. Radiance. Energy that’s sent outward or pulled inward.

8. Motion. Fast or slow?

9. Symbols. These are messages with secondary meaning.

10. Taste. Not as in décor or clothing, but what your tongue does (with your nose).

11. Feel. Tactile sensations, using skin and muscles.

12. Smell. What noses do.  A powerful communicator, a reviver of memories, a Proustian powerhouse (you know, the aroma and flavor of the madeleine cookie that awakened the profound memories of the narrator of “Remembrance of Things Past”).

So, this course teaches you to embrace the senses in a new way – and to communicate so that people actually feel, sense, touch and taste what you say.

There’s also an added bonus for this course, which takes place during that phantasmagoric celebration of the arts, South by Southwest, or SXSW in Austin. Your registration of $3,000 includes accommodation at the Wizard Academy, and if you have a room on campus for this class, you can stay until Monday morning, March 23, so you’ll have a place in Austin – at a time when housing is at a premium for this tremendously popular extravaganza.

You get three additional bonus nights of accommodation after the class to experience the creativity of the artists and marketers who descend on Austin. Portals in action.

So, treat yourself to a higher learning experience, and some cultural karma. For information, go here.

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  1. Vision Development Expert February 24, 2015 at 6:01 pm #

    I love what I learned today!

  2. Vision Development Expert February 25, 2015 at 8:51 pm #

    The ones I naturally (I guess that is preferring) use in marketing, writing, and communicating are proximity, music, radiance, and smell…

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