Self-Publishing Continues to Strengthen

Although the dream of many writers remains being signed by a major publisher and ending up a bestseller, more and more authors are finding success through self-publishing.

Now, we at Beneath the Cover are advocates for any form of publishing that allows you to get your message heard, and to build your platform. But more and more the stigma behind self-publishing, which often signified that an author wasn’t good enough to find a publisher, has faded. Now it’s more likely to signify that an author wants to take things into his or her own hands.

Recently, writer David Thorne is finding that by self-publishing his latest book, he is making more money with it than with his previous work, which was published by Penguin Press. His self-published I’ll Go Home, Then; It’s Warm and Has Chairs is, in effect, a bigger success than his first, The Internet Is a Playground.

He earned more money in three months than he had with his first book.

This is great news for anyone who is stymied by the still rather-laborious publishing method, of finding an agent (never easy), then of the agent finding a publisher (or an editor there) who wants to publish the work. Then marketing that work, and finding the readers for that work to make it a success.

But for anyone who’s building a platform for a message, it should be remembered that the book isn’t the end-all: A book is part of your platform, and you use that to further your message, and to continue to build your audience. A book is a tool.

Still, now that we’re seeing how self-publishing can be profitable, thought leaders and entrepreneurs have more means than ever to get the word out about their messages.

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  1. Anonymous June 12, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Book as a tool instead of the end-all is such an important thing for authors to understand! Total game changer. Powerful bit of information for authors looking into self-publishing.

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