Stay Stupid in Your Head. Really.

You have the curse of knowledge.

Bet you didn’t know that. But it’s true: You know your talents and gifts. They come easily to you. Almost as easily as breathing. So you probably take for granted something you’re good at.

Which means that sometimes you assume that everyone knows what you know because you happen to know it. That you can explain something without having to explain it. That you can speak and write in lingo, dropping acronyms and abbreviations and inside-baseball technical terms and such without realizing that not everyone has your knowledge.

So: How do you tap into your gift and make sure you can spread your message so that everyone understands it?

Simple. Stay stupid your head.

You read that right. Stay stupid.

If you want to communicate with your audience, share a message, your voice, and build a relationship-based business, one of the best tricks is to: don’t be afraid to dumb-it down. You’re not treating others like idiots – you’re treating them as guests who haven’t yet been invited into the maze of your knowledge.

This one smart tip – to stay stupid – will definitely give you an advantage. You already have the power to change within you.

As a writer and spreader of a message it’s essential that you stay stupid in your head. Pretend that you aren’t as talented at creating your own secret sauce as you really are. Make believe that you’re not the expert in all things concerning your specialty. How would you describe the many layers of your talents?

Start at the beginning. Break down your knowledge, your message into little bite-size chunks, then share them that way. Talk about what inspired you. Let others know what you love about your talent or your message – where your passions lie. Perhaps begin with where you started yourself. What you learned first. What keeps you going. Consider explaining to others how to follow in your footsteps. Where do you find inspiration? How can someone else polish their craft as you’ve done? All of these things you’re good at you probably take for granted – but others don’t have the gift of sharing your knowledge.

Remember: Not everyone knows what you know. If they did they wouldn’t be reading your blog. You can create weeks and months of content by sharing through small bites on your blog the pieces of what you’re good at and what you love. When you’ve blogged your message, it’s pretty simple to turn those post into a book. That book can become your first published work of art.

And you did it by not being the expert: but by being the guide to your expertise, one blog at a time.

What message do you want to share? What are some things you take for granted about that message?

Share with me, I’ll help you break it down a bit so you can see how easy it really is. Sometimes the smartest people know it’s best to stay stupid for the benefit of others.

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3 Responses to “Stay Stupid in Your Head. Really.”

  1. Jamie Moran March 2, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    So true. It reminds me of a professor I had in university who was hands down the smartest person I knew. He could figure out the most obscure and complex financial calculations with only a few scrawls on the chalkboard and come to conclusions in just a few seconds. But that was his problem – he was too smart. People had no idea what he was talking about and he didn’t take the time to teach them. One day I arrived late to class to see only TWO people in his class as he was jotting down random numbers on the board with his back turned. Had he realized we were all stupid in comparison and dumbed it down, the bell curve might have survived that class!

    • Anonymous March 3, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

      I had several professors like that, too Jamie. Those classes were SO painful to endure. It’s really a shame because they had so much knowledge to share, but they just couldn’t relate on the level the rest of the world operates at.

  2. Anonymous March 2, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    LOL. Great take on an important topic. It’s so easy to get caught up in all that you know and then wonder why everyone else is so thick in the head.

    I know when I talk to my husband about websites I’m working on, it usually doesn’t take long before I get the glazed doughnut look and realize I need to tone down my geek talk a bit. Thanks for the reminder.

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