Steps to Taking Your Passion & Making It A Business

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These guys are some who teach and believe you can build a business from turning your passion into an income stream.  How do they do it and what makes it work?

Here are a few basic steps to getting started.

#1. Identify what your passion is.  That’s right, in order to turn a passion into a business you must first identify what you love.  Brandon Allen has great tips on finding your ‘Soul Purpose’.

#2. Refine how you are going to work that passion into an easy message.  Remember that if you are teaching something you love, or providing a service you must make it easy for your audience to understand.  Taking time out to refine your message will make the rest of the steps much easier.  If you need help, try joining Michael for his Book Outlining Process.

#3. Set up a blog.  One of the best ways to start testing your message is to blog it out.  At the beginning most of blogging is simply learning your audience and finding a way to communicate with them.  A blog it 2 way communication, you can start working right now with refining your message don’t worry, your audience will make it up with you as you go. Getting the blog set up is only a portion of your communication.  You need to build a complete website around your blog.  Tell your audience about you, your services and what you can do to help them.

#4. Set up systems to communicate your message.  Refining your message is a lot of work.  Setting up the system to make sure you can clearly share it is important.

#5. Set up an automated flow of information between you and what your audience needs.  If it’s a newsletter or a blog or just every so often a random communication, you need to be in touch with your audience on a regular basis.  Social media helps in this area, check out more details from our resident expert Lindsay Wilson.

#6. Answer your audiences questions before they ask.  You’ll find that often your audience has a similar selection of questions and concerns.  Set up a way that they can find the answers to those questions in an automated fashion.  Your website & blog is a great place to do this.


#7. Refine your message again with your audience’s feedback on a regular basis.  This is one of the best ways you can keep the content creation real, raw & relevant.

Now that you have some steps, it’s time to get to work sharing your passion.  It’s a lot of work to set all of this up to start with.  You can budget much more time that you’d probably like to, but once the system is set up it becomes much easier.  Sure you’ll have to tweak the system and refine it, but the initial work of setting it up will make the refining much easier.

Remember that ‘passion business’ don’t happen overnight.  They, like most things in life, are a journey.  Keep perspective and move towards your passion one day at a time. And please remember; enjoy the journey at every step.

Now – get to work.

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