Is Your Success Story Next?

You have great ideas, a unique perspective, and the capability to write. What you are missing is a comprehensive, proven process, support, and advice for getting yourself and your content in front of an audience.

And that process works so well that Michael Drew is currently 67 for 67 on best seller campaigns.  An unprecedented track record.

To get better results reaching your goal you need a more disciplined customer focused approach. It takes more attention to detail and a better plan using a proven process. Here are just some of the differences that our processes can make for you.

• A direct sales marketer simply by implementing a persona based wireframe on one landing page increased sales by 32%.

• An event promoter used personas to create a squeeze page for a single event and realized a need numbers.

• Testing a product presentation page – a recent client improved time its visitors spent on its page by 32% and increased the overall conversion by 3%.

• Changing an offer/landing page – a recent client quadrupled their conversion rate on the offer from .4% to 1.6%.

• Doing a complete site design using our process – a high traffic, high profile client increased its overall online sales by 79.4%.

• A lead generation-based high-end consulting B2B company redesigned their entire site using Personas. They literally went from 1 lead/week to 2 leads/day in a very niche category. Their average online lead value is about $1000, so this means they anticipate their online channel to feed them $730,000 in additional business over the next year.

Would you like to be our next success story?  Contact us, read our blog, grab some of our wares, or hire us.  We can’t wait to see what you have to offer the world