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Are There Any Guarantees in Publishing?

I got an email today from an author with a strong request–he wanted me to get his book into airport bookstores. He was very anxious to hire me to do this for him. He made it clear that he was willing to pay for my services to do so. And he was equally clear that […]

Who Can Help You Sell Your Book?

When you wrote your book, you had a clearly defined target market in mind. Chances are that your marketing efforts are aimed toward reaching that target market – one reader at a time. I encourage you to think bigger. Find the people who have influence over your target market and you will reach your target […]

Gurus Gone Wild!

By Tanya Hall As the number of independent authors continues to grow, more and more writers are looking for expert advice. When everyone claims to have all the answers, how do you sort the reputable from the riff-raff? Well, the Big Bad Book Blog is a good place to start. Our Guru Who’s Who will […]