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E-Reading Escalates

Chances are good that you’ve already got an e-reader. Maybe a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad or another tablet or smart phone. Do you read books on it? If you do, you’ve probably got more reading material than you even anticipated you’d have when you first downloaded a title. There are a lot of people […]

Getting Readers to Continue Reading Your Book

Most readers don’t finish long books. Most don’t finish most books. And most business books, I fear, are probably skimmed rather than read, and if they’re begun, aren’t finished. You’re not writing a thriller, after all. But drawing a reader through your book is still important. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur or thought leader using […]

Pinpoint Your Reader

Don’t try to be all things to all readers. You’ll end up being nothing to everyone. At the same time, if your subject area is sufficiently broad – for a business-related book – you have a chance to appeal to people beyond the core you’re aiming to reach. Reach people who want what you have […]

Summer Reading

What are you reading this summer? Are you a book reader (physical) or an e-reader (virtual)? The material is same though the sensation might be different. But the wealth of material available to anyone, online or not, is staggering. In any event, did you know that Bill Gates recommends reading lists for the summer? I […]