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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand…and One, Words

Today’s interactive, digital world we live and do business in is founded on the concept of words and pictures together. When pictures are paragraphs or pages away from the text they refer to, it creates a disconnect in the reader’s mind and spoils the flow of the reading. Who likes to flip back pages and […]

Cutting Edge Technology Guaranteed to Make Your Book Cover POP

By Chris McRay Special technologies can be used on dust jackets and covers to make books stand out to consumers and national retail buyers. Two such technologies are Elkote (also called JagKote, depending on the vendor) and ink on foil, which only recently appeared in bookstores. Because they are newly developed, not all printers can […]

Hey! What’s the Matter?

By Jay Hodges Does the foreword belong before the preface? When do the page numbers start? What’s the difference between a preface and an introduction? If you need answers to demystify the front matter of your book, read on. Books are generally divided into three sections: front matter, principal text, and back matter. Front matter […]

Images to Print: A Guide

By: Lisa Woods and Lari Bishop Images can add a lot to a book, or any printed material. But if you want to jazz up your pages with graphics (figures, drawings, cartoons, illustrations, etc.) and you’re printing professionally, you’ll need these tips. Resolution All images destined for print must be high resolution, which is to […]

Fishing: How to Catch a Reader from the Shelf

By Sheila Parr A good fisherman knows that the way to catch a fish is with the right bait, and a good author knows the way to catch a reader is with a great cover. When reviewing concepts with your book designer, be sure to consider my TOP 4 tips that will have your book […]

How to Make Your Cover a Knockout

By Lisa Woods If you want your book to be a contender, don’t underestimate the importance of your cover—more than any other single factor, it determines whether or not your book sells. The average consumer spends just eight seconds looking at a front cover; consider that your book’s “standing eight count.” Printing technology gives a […]

Feel Appeal: Survival of the Sexiest

By Erin Nelsen You turn and look, and there she is—beautiful, mysterious, seductive in the midst of her drab sisters. Your breath catches in your throat. More than anything, you want to pick her up—caress the soft, smooth texture of the cover, trace the line of the emboss, smell that new-paper perfume. The outlines of […]

The Shape of Things

By Sheila Parr According to a federal judge, the U.S. Treasury Department is breaking the law by failing to design and distribute currency that helps the blind and visually impaired distinguish denominations. It is odd to me that this oops is just now coming up. Currency designers did it right with coins: I can feel […]


By Lisa Woods Who Moved My Cheese?, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Chicken Soup for the Soul—their covers make self-respecting graphic designers cringe, yet they have astronomical sales. It’s common sense that attractive covers invite book shoppers and ugly covers repel them— so why do these unsightly titles consistently outsell their better-looking shelfmates? (And why do […]

Pantone: Red Hot Color for 2007

By Sheila Parr The color experts at Pantone, the company that defines and provides exact colors to the world of visual art, just named Pantone 19-1557, Chili Pepper, as the Color of the Year for 2007—according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Whether expressing danger, celebration, love, or passion, red will […]