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Rich’s Thoughts On Book Promotion

Hey everybody!  Rich German checking in from Laguna Beach, California.   Michael has asked me to share some thoughts on book promoting. Two years ago I self published my first book. I co-authored it with my sister Robin.  It was called, Living the Law of Attraction.   And like a lot of first time authors …my ego […]

Book Marketing Gets Social

In the world of book sales, traditional publishers require new authors to create an extensive marketing plan – well before their manuscript is accepted for publication. In fact, new authors are NOT likely to get accepted for publication if they don’t include a well-thought out marketing plan. Over the past three years, I’ve worked with […]

Gurus Gone Wild!

By Tanya Hall As the number of independent authors continues to grow, more and more writers are looking for expert advice. When everyone claims to have all the answers, how do you sort the reputable from the riff-raff? Well, the Big Bad Book Blog is a good place to start. Our Guru Who’s Who will […]