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Putting Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Numerous book and publishing-related articles are sent to my Twitter account each day. Here are some of the headlines as I toggled through the first couple of pages late one night: iPods and iPhones: death for the book trade Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops to close Books: Will big names lure readers? Barnes & Noble Announces Elimination […]

Book Publishing Experiment

I’m going to keep my word and practice what I preach.  I’m going to apply the scientific method to the book publishing industry. In any step of the process, I’m welcome to anyone exposing me to the refiner’s fire. Let’s start with the first step and see how far we get today. Step 1. Define […]

Don’t Print Off More Than You Can Sell

By Candice Adams Book publishing is a lot of things, but an exact science it is not. In fact, it’s an educated guess at best. So what do you do when you finally get down to deciding the hard numbers of how many books you need for an initial print run? First day sales for […]