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Personal Growth Is Not Optional

Yesterday a reader, Phil, made a great comment to my post on doing what you are exceptional at.  He brought up the point of where it may be necessary to do what you are not good at and work on your weaknesses.  I thought the issue of personal growth and where to draw the line [...]

The 10 Things You Should Know About Yourself

We all like to think we know ourselves really well – in fact, better than anyone.  Really?  Perhaps we are just fooling ourselves.  You could probably write an owner’s manual for your closest friends and family members, but how well do you think you’d do on one for you.
This analogy about your owner’s manual comes [...]

Walking Uphill in the Snow May Build Character…For Someone Else

I love talking with older people about work ethic.  During this conversation, I inevitably have to hear about how the work ethic of today’s generation sucks.  What today’s generation needs to understand is that walking uphill in the snow is for people who don’t want to get anywhere.
Here’s what you should do instead.
Unique Ability is [...]

Moving Forward Is Much Easier When You Know The First Step

You hear people say all of the time that the first step is always the easiest.  Too bad that we often get that first step wrong.  In life and business, the first step to success is a better understanding of you and the role that you play in that process.
I talked recently about having the [...]

Be The Best For Yourself

There are a lot of areas to focus on in business.  Accounting, entity structure, employees, marketing, etc.  But I don’t want you to do any of it that until you have focused on one thing.
Normally we don’t preach about being self centered, but there are times when that is important.  In the case of building [...]

Read This And You Will Achieve Your Goals!

If you are anything like me, certain questions arise whenever you are considering a purchase:
1. What are the advantages?
2. Is it the superior choice?
3. Is it credible?
4. How can this help me be more productive and achieve my goals?
5. What kind of research has been done?
Now, the level of analysis may vary depending [...]

10 Ways to Stop Throwing Away Your Time

Does time seem to be running away with you or do you have more “to do’s” at the end of your day that you just didn’t seem to get crossed off your list?  No, it’s not because you are too detail-oriented or work too slowly.  It’s because you may be letting time slip away with [...]

Successful People Are Quirky

The other night I was at a Bela Fleka and the Flecktones concert.  I love music.  What I love about live music though is watching the musicians.  People who are really in love with what they are doing and loving every moment of it.  As Brandon Allen would say, they are living their soul purpose.
I [...]

Want More – Raise Your Character (5 Rational Questions to Consider)

There’s a systematic and long-standing paradigm for living, called “be-do-have”. Sadly most of us live in “have-do-be”, or “do-have-be”, where life and fulfillment is being chased down, for “someday”. It’s like a carrot on a stick though …
On the flip side is “be-do-have”, where you are happy, confident, inspired TODAY and move with conscious consideration [...]

Your Stories Don’t Have To Be Your Story

When it comes to moving forward with an idea or business, one aspect that can hinder our success is attachment.  Attachment comes about from our past, our present goals, and assumptions and conversations that we have had with other people.  Allowing ourselves to detach from these different conversations and experiences will actually get you closer [...]

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