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Successful People Are Quirky

The other night I was at a Bela Fleka and the Flecktones concert.  I love music.  What I love about live music though is watching the musicians.  People who are really in love with what they are doing and loving every moment of it.  As Brandon Allen would say, they are living their soul purpose. […]

Want More – Raise Your Character (5 Rational Questions to Consider)

There’s a systematic and long-standing paradigm for living, called “be-do-have”. Sadly most of us live in “have-do-be”, or “do-have-be”, where life and fulfillment is being chased down, for “someday”. It’s like a carrot on a stick though … On the flip side is “be-do-have”, where you are happy, confident, inspired TODAY and move with conscious […]

Your Stories Don’t Have To Be Your Story

When it comes to moving forward with an idea or business, one aspect that can hinder our success is attachment.  Attachment comes about from our past, our present goals, and assumptions and conversations that we have had with other people.  Allowing ourselves to detach from these different conversations and experiences will actually get you closer […]

Success In A World Without Details

Some of the most successful people I know (yes, I do know successful people) have one thing in common.  They are not good with the details.  The good news is there is a way to be successful without the worry of details.  Stop checking your text messages and join me for a minute. The reason […]

Intentionality Yield Big Results … 67/67

In business if you play small you get small results. Play big though and your results go through the roof. Take Michael Drew for instance. Since the age of 19 Michael has been steering towards a 67/67 books on best seller lists track record. In 6 months of working with Michael Drew, here are two […]

Be Prepared For Your Success

That’s right, I said success.  If you have an idea for your business or an idea for a business, chances are that, if you are passionate about it, you are going to have some success.  Be prepared for your success. It seems as if telling someone to be prepared for success shouldn’t be necessary but […]

Capitalizing Your Venture, as Easy as ABC

So often, it all comes down to money. To capital. To Investment. How many times have you started a business with the best of intentions, only to realize that you quickly become so close to running out of your startup funds that you need to expand the business and take on clients you can’t possibly satisfy […]

Archetypal Patterns, Part 3

How to Make Business Good When Times are Bad Here’s the Pattern: When times are tough and customers are scarce, business owners buckle down and try to become even better at the things they do well. They do this because they trust the Guide pattern, “This has always worked in the past.” Perhaps you’re doing […]