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Get Up

I lay flat on my back in my Petoskey, Michigan, bed, mucus filling my nostrils, throat, and lungs. A million ice cubes shivered across my skin. As soon as I wrapped myself in heavy blankets, blistering heat threatened to burn me from the inside out. Little alien aches turned my body into a pile of […]

How to Use Any Tool to Optimize Better

As a self-professed tool junkie, I’m a sucker for shiny new tools. I love tools of any kind — Web tools, software tools, and on a Sunday morning you might even find me in the Brooklyn Home Depot wiping the drool from my mug as I admire this fine kosher beef grilling tool. No doubt, […]

Persona Development and the Law of Averages

“Persona” is a hot buzzword in this industry, yet most companies that create personas haven’t fully embraced everything they have to offer. Most personas are watered-down and hard to relate to. The worst of the lot are lifeless outlines of a company’s demographic targets. Most often, they don’t deliver the expected outcome from using the […]

How to Improve Your A/B Testing

A/B testing is a proven means to increase conversion rate. It’s not as simple as it appears. It’s more than simply testing two or more versions of Web pages, banners, search ads, or whatever persuasive element you can imagine. It also has limitations. A/B testing, unlike the intuitive creative process, must be treated like a […]

The Co-Publishing Model

What Co-Publishing Is Co-publishing is a contractual arrangement, typically between author and publisher, to share in the expenses and revenues of a book (usually about a 60/40 split in favor of the author). This type of agreement can prove beneficial to both parties. It allows the publisher to minimize the financial commitment on riskier projects […]

When Legos Learn to Love: The Story of a Successful Title

“Is this anyone’s?” I asked from onstage as we set up for our little show. The black walls of the fraternity house basement answered me with silence. None of the setup crew said anything either. The little lego astronaut in my hand smiled back with his plastic face. He looked so cool and seemed so […]

Caution: Internet Chaos!

Jared Spool, of User Interface Engineering, and I were discussing a blockbuster research study he conducted for two years. We’re interested in uncovering the “Business Topology” of successful sites. I’ll let you in on what we spoke about, but first some background. Henri Poincaré made history at the end of the 19th century, when King […]

Detour to the Hospital

On the Sunday before my vacation started, my abdomen started screaming with pain in increasing intensity. Since I figured it was indigestion, I decided to help my stomach digest the barbecue I’d eaten by eating raw broccoli. Unfortunately, and perhaps predictably, it didn’t help my pain. “Maybe some carbonation will help,” I thought. We had […]

How to Decrease Sales by 90 Percent

Recently Brad, a reader of this column with whom I’ve become friendly, asked me for some advice. He’d conducted a test campaign that resulted in a huge discrepancy he couldn’t identify. No doubt losing 90 percent of his sales, when his normal conversion rate is over 4.6 percent, distressed him. He wanted to know what caused […]