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E-Reading Escalates

Chances are good that you’ve already got an e-reader. Maybe a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad or another tablet or smart phone. Do you read books on it? If you do, you’ve probably got more reading material than you even anticipated you’d have when you first downloaded a title. There are a lot of people […]

Why Blogging Your Book Works

While giving a non-fiction writers class with Mike Drew, we trained authors to create their books in a series of blog entries. A student in the course posed some interesting questions: Why blog your book? Why try to write to various personality types in your blog? What’s the benefit? I think I have a voice […]

A Blogging Process to Meet Your Audience Needs…What Covey Didn’t Do

Sometimes I just want the A-Z of what’s involved to do a great job. That’s what I love about Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, because it’s so step by step. Isn’t there something about how the models and frameworks take care of all the loopholes, details, and considerations? So thorough […]

How to Master Arts Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

The world of the arts has grown, but the world of arts entrepreneurship? Money is always a problem for artists – and funding is hard to come by. And after money, what’s next? Getting known. But there is a way. Today, artists can make a living, make themselves known, make art in this digital environment. […]

Ouch, My Ears Hurt! Going to Keep Them Covered!

I got my ears pulled again, and yesterday’s post was not posted.  Yikes, sticking to the topic at hand isn’t easy. A few months ago, when I was asked if I would “help” out, I didn’t realize what was involved. Then when I started driving down on Mondays and staying for the week, I soon […]

Can I Blog for Success?​

Why blog if I am not going to be noticed? There are many successful internet businesses that have used the same information. Some have refined the information that was available online. http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Succeed-in-Blogging-For-Profits&id=3931760. One such website is www.drivingtraffic.com. It is crucial that I have a lot of traffic going to my site.  No reason to try and re-invent the […]

What is the reason to blog?

The question that I have been asked by several friends my age is, “Why would I blog?” Why do people blog? What is the purpose? I am learning, and things are becoming clearer. I now know the reason folks blog. One reason is for financial gain and this is probably the most common reason.  A person […]


A few months ago, a situation came up where I was asked if I would help out. How did I get into blogging?  Because I had agreed to help, in my mind, I had agreed to basically do whatever was asked of me. When I was first approached about “helping out”, I was told that […]

Time to Play

Google does it. 3M does it. Honda used to do it in a big way. It’s part of my daily routine, but not part of my work. I didn’t try to write this as a riddle, but it’s kind of turning out that way. What I’m talking about is play; fun; time spent that has […]