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E-Books, Enhancements and the Evolution of Reading

The e-book is not only here to stay, I think it’s likely to become the form through which most books are read in the very near future. We know that Apple has sold several million iPads in just a few months, and that as a result of that popularity (part of it stemming from its stylishness, and the way […]

More Influence, You or Your Publisher?

Don’t wait until you have a “best-seller.” Instead start today to embody the qualities of that future you. Whether you do this by living in a more healthy manner, managing your time better, becoming a better friend, author or leader: it begins today.

Small Press, Big Success

How a Pulitzer shows that the publishing world still doesn’t get it When Paul Harding won a Pulitzer Prize a few weeks ago for his novel, “Tinkers,” small publishers everywhere were thrilled, and big publishers everywhere (although there aren’t that many big publishers left) once again proved how their decision only to buy books they are sure will be blockbusters not only […]

Let’s Make This Personal . . .

“Make sure you attach a cover letter.” “Include a well-designed marketing plan.” “Tell ’em about the following you’ve developed on your blog.” “Throw in something extra that will keep them from forgetting who you are.” That’s all great advice, especially the one about attaching a cover letter. But lost somewhere in all the strategies and […]

E-Publishers Are Growing—But Are Authors Ready?

When Jane Friedman was fired from her job as chief executive of HarperCollins a year-and-a-half ago, many wondered what kind of publishing gig she might take after helping Harper grow substantially in the 90s and early 2000s. Well, she’s gone the way of many readers: into electronic books. According to a filing with the Securities […]

Death of THE Salesman

No one in the publishing world will mourn the death of Billy Mays. Famous, full-bearded, loud-voiced hawker of OxiClean, Mighty Putty, and other direct-sell infomercial products will probably only elicit an, “Oh, that guy died,” from most of us. After all, what relevance does an annoyingly effective salesman of novelty products have to the world […]

Ranting at Publishers

Book industry insiders refer to December 3, 2008 as ‘Black Wednesday’. On that day—– Random House announced an expense-driven reorganization that included the resignation of their Bantam Dell and Doubleday Publishing Group heads. In addition, Rick Richter, President of the Children’s Publishing Division, resigned to “explore other opportunities in publishing”. Simon and Schuster let go […]

Read All About It—“Digital Book Sales about to Explode!”

Within three years, one half of all domestic book sales will be digital in nature. Either this prediction holds true—–or I will be buying bestselling author Roy H. Williams dinner at the fanciest restaurant in Austin (better bust out the clean jeans). Actually, Roy is being generous – he is giving me until the 2012 […]

Myth 5: Everyone Should Shoot for the Bestsellers Lists

By Chris Maddock and Michael Drew When you publish your book, how will you measure success? For the author of the first book I worked on, success meant seeing his book in an airport bookstore. Books on the truncated lists of airport bookstores are almost always bestsellers. So indirectly, that was his goal. As fate […]

Myth 4: To Be a Bestseller, a Book Must Be Well Written

By Chris Maddock & Michael Drew Certainly any book that attains the aerie heights of bestsellerdom is artistic. Surely such a work must be the work of the muse. It must be well-written, right? Nope. Go to the non-fiction bestsellers section of your local bookstore, if you still have one of those. Read about a […]