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Book Expo America 2009 – A Summary

The good: Book publishers and retailers might finally be scared enough to evolve. The bad: Show attendance was down 14% from the last BEA held in New York City (2007). The ugly: The BEA home page states that the industry gathered “to celebrate our passion for books and to see and learn what was needed […]

Big Bad Publishing Myth 3: You Have to Be famous—Like Tom Brokaw—to Have Your Own, Significant Marketing Platform

By Chris Maddock & Michael Drew Sometime prior to 2004, a non-fiction manuscript called The Greatest Generation arrived at the desks of large publishing houses. Despite being a horrifically oversimplified and overgeneralized “historical” account about a generation that had to win a war but did little to lift up women or people of color during […]

We Tried That Already

We often spot a conversion leak on clients’ sites and suggest that clients test a new page element or two. Time after time, we get the same confident reply, “We tried that already, it didn’t work.” I’m a big fan of those who try. Every consultant wants to work with clients who aren’t afraid to […]

Another Publishing Dodo: Book Catalogs

Face it—you have a love-hate thing going on with book catalogs.You love seeing the individual write-ups, the cover art for the titles, the sense of possibility that every new season of publishing brings. You love discovering that a favorite author is returning with something new. You are intrigued by the description of a debut novel, […]

What Are the Steps to Making a Book? – Part 2 of 4

What are the steps to making a book? I posed this question last week in the first of a four-part examination of the topic. Would you like to revisit that first article now? Here are the12 steps again if you missed them—– Step 1 – Prepare Yourself Step 2 – Start Thinking ‘Platform’ Step 3 […]

What Are the Steps to Making a Book? – Part 1 of 4

What are the steps to making a book? It’s a straightforward question that warrants a straightforward answer. Having been involved in the “making” of over 100 books and 50 national bestsellers since breaking in as a publicist and special sales coordinator for Executive Excellence Publishing in 1997, I can identify 12 major steps in the […]

7 Publishing Myths

7 Publishing Myths, by Chris Maddock and Michael Drew In the seven posts that follow this one, we’ll discuss some widespread publishing myths, how and why they’re false, and what the truth means to you and your own book. Each myth and its mirror reality make a great case for tactically blogging your book (the […]