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The E-Book Tug-of-War Between Publishers an Libraries

Why can’t publishers and libraries get along? It used to be that libraries were a huge market for traditional publishers, but with the growth of e-books, and publishers’ concerns about digital piracy and loss of sales, all of a sudden libraries became possible opponents in a tug-of-war about e-book distribution. Every time I see an […]

Platform-Building by Chance

Which comes first, the website or the book? For many writers, especially those who specialize in nonfiction, it’s the website. They often begin their platform-building by posting their thoughts in a blog, or posting their news in feeds to their fans. Matthew White, a librarian at a federal courthouse in Virginia, began a website where […]

Covering Your (Publishing) Bases

Choosing an obstetrician is one of the first steps a woman takes when she thinks she’s pregnant. Some women feel more secure selecting a medical doctor. It’s customary and they have all the technology and equipment at their disposal. Other women like the idea of calling the shots themselves with the help of a midwife. […]

Getting Your Book into Bookstores

Hey, hey. Your favorite book promoter here with this week’s installment on how publishing a book is like having a baby. Wanting the Best for Your Book Every parent wants the best for their child and that list starts with a good education. If the little angel develops a decent knowledge base and learns how […]

The Decline and Demise of the Newspaper Book Review

I finally got around to reading Steve Wasserman’s article (“Goodbye to All That”) in the Columbia Journalism Review on the decline of book coverage. The piece got some attention when it ran, but not nearly enough. If you read just one thing on the state of book reviews, this should be it. For ten years, […]

Working without a Net, on the Net

Do we need the marketing power of publishers? Yes. And no. In either case, you have to do work yourself on building an audience, finding readers and buyers for your product. A publisher friend of mine, the head of one of the biggest publishing companies in the world, told me recently that the average book […]

Sometimes “Free” is Too Expensive

I received a call the other day from a gentleman I met at a local social event over two years ago. He had confided to me that he was working on a book, and we spent a lot of the evening talking about the writing process and the publishing process. He was interested in self-publishing […]

The Publishing Process

Publishing a book is a long, complex, arduous, exacting, and expensive process. According to industry figures, 80 percent of the books published fail. One percent of all books sold account for 50 percent of all publishing company profits. It takes large publishing houses a year to two years to put out a book, and the […]

The Ghost Post #4–It All Comes Down to Money, Honey

Last week I said that this week I was going to write about PR and marketing. I lied, but not intentionally. I was going to do just that. However, when I read some of the other posts, I saw that several of my esteemed colleagues on this website have already said what needs to be […]

The Ghost Post #3 — When Should You Self-Publish?

When should you self-publish? I’m such a strong believer in self-publishing that my answer to this is: Always. Okay, let me back up for one second . . . . IF you have a huge following of fans, your own TV or radio show, regular speaking engagements in front of thousands of people, a newspaper […]