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Self-Publishing and Self-Selling

Publishers long ago should have not only created their own multi-platform e-readers, they should have seen the digital revolution and begun to sell books themselves. But they didn’t, and now they’re playing catch-up. Though they still don’t sell their own books. They work through Amazon and other retailers to do that. Publishers might not be […]

Write a Proposal, No Matter Where or How You Publish Your Book

No matter how you intend to try to publish your book you should craft a proposal for it. This means that if you’re planning to self-publish electronically, or to self-publish on demand, or to attempt to sell your book to a traditional publisher, you should nevertheless do that resolutely old-fashioned but necessary thing, and create […]

A Self-Publishing Success Story

A seasoned author is reaping the rewards of self-publishing. J.A. Konrath, a thriller writer, has said on his blog, www.jakonroth.blogspot.com, that he’s earned $100,000 in the last three weeks from his self-published books. Konrath has been published by what he calls “legacy publishers” and, like many authors who are not huge name brands, he has […]

Turning Over the Reins

Who calls the shots at your publishing house, marketing firm, or PR agency? I hate to even hint at a cliché, but any response other than “our customers” or some variation thereof, comes up short. Because like it or not, the balance of power has officially shifted to the readers. If you’re going to survive […]

Your Little Binder of Joy

I’ve been a book promoter for seventeen years and a father for ten, and I’m convinced that publishing a book is a lot like having a baby. Guess What, Honey——I’m Writing a Book! Nothing compares to the shivering exhilaration of the day you first put font to document. Your mind skitters uncontrollably from one question […]

Self-Publishing: Stepping Stone to Greater Success

Prospective publishers are like prospective employers in that both want you to have experience, but neither wants to be the one to give it to you. “Have you been published before?” the publisher asks. “Not yet.” you answer. “But I really think I have a great book here that, given the opportunity, will . . […]

Working without a Net, on the Net

Do we need the marketing power of publishers? Yes. And no. In either case, you have to do work yourself on building an audience, finding readers and buyers for your product. A publisher friend of mine, the head of one of the biggest publishing companies in the world, told me recently that the average book […]

Selling the Dream

I used to have the easiest job in the world – I sold dreams for a living. Best seller dreams, to be exact. I would get aspiring authors to envision their name on best seller lists and they would give me thousands of dollars to make it happen. And I did more than 70 different […]

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Interesting – every field of interest has its own “special” language – medicine, pharmaceuticals, mechanics, airlines, teachers – and we can find most of those words in a dictionary. Now, with the electronic and computer-age, we have a whole new batch of words to learn and to try and understand their meaning and importance (and […]

Book Publishing Industry

In my last post, The Purpose of Conflict, I talked about how conflict can lead you to the people you will work with best.  I also talked a little about where the book publishing industry is going.  Here, I think we’ve found a group of people we work with best to take the book publishing […]