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Amazon’s Book Surge Gambit Changes the Digital Landscape

An Industry Wake-Up Call By Lloyd Jassin, Chair, CIP Executive Committee Recently, the industry was shaken by an announcement by Amazon that the company was changing its order fulfillment policy. In a nutshell, Amazon threatened to disable a book’s “Buy Now” button if that book’s publishing company did not subscribe to Book Surge Print, an […]

POD Myths Dispelled–Get the Scoop Here!

This post is in direct response to something I saw on the Internet that took POD publishing to task. I will be the first person to admit that not all POD publishers are created equal. Some are more reputable than others. Some offer more services than others. Some call themselves publishers when they are really […]

Countdown to ISBN-13: Don’t Let Three More Digits Add Up to One Big Headache

By Nathan Delacretaz Remember the Y2K scare? What if a similar digital dilemma threatened the book industry? As the pros know, January 1, 2007, isn’t just another day of college bowl games and crushing hangovers. It’s the date of the official, indelible, unavoidable introduction of the ISBN-13 system. The ISBN-13 system is a 3-digit expansion […]