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Resisting Instant Gratification

Pursuing instant gratification is a natural tendency for parents and authors alike, making it yet another example of how writing a book is like having a baby.I remember wondering if my daughter Savannah would ever sleep through the night. She would snooze beautifully until one or two in the morning. But then, without fail, her ‘Four-Alarm […]

Getting Your Book into Bookstores

Hey, hey. Your favorite book promoter here with this week’s installment on how publishing a book is like having a baby. Wanting the Best for Your Book Every parent wants the best for their child and that list starts with a good education. If the little angel develops a decent knowledge base and learns how […]

How to Nurture a Happy, Healthy Book

In a previous post I had a little fun comparing publishing a book to having a baby. As I posted the article, I realized I was opening myself up to the potential backlash of a thousand angry mothers who remembered pregnancy as being anything but humorous. Yet here I type, a few weeks later and […]

Adding (Core) Value: Remembering Who You Are . . .

. . . When You Don’t Know Where You’re Headed Hurricane season doesn’t start until the beginning of June. Yet some of you agents, publishers, authors, and promoters probably feel like you’re already looking into the eye of the storm. Keeping your business on course during a recession is hard enough. But when consumer confidence […]

Launching an Offensive

Half the books Marji Ross (President, Regnery Publishing) publishes become New York Times bestsellers. That’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s like hitting a home run every other time you step up to the plate. When it comes to launching a new title, Ross employs a two-phased plan of attack known as Blitzkrieg PR. I learned this while […]

The Best Way To Brand Is From The Inside Out

The concepts of branding and brand management are confusing topics to a lot of the newer business owners that I talk to.  Even for established businesses, the concepts can be muddy.  There is one place to start when it comes to branding.  That place is your internal operations. Most people confuse branding simply with the […]

A Solid Brand Strategy Includes Building Relationships

Your brand is about a promise. If you buy my product or service, this is what’s going to happen.  To build trust in any arena takes focused, intentional effort.  Your brand is no different.  A great brand has great relationships built around it. Building relationships with your customers is the obvious piece to this but […]

The Components Of Your Brand’s 5 Senses

On the surface branding seems like a pretty simple and straightforward endeavor. Get me a logo, a tagline and some colors and let’s get going.  Then you get a little deeper into the process and your realize there are many facets or your brand that you need to consider. There are many ways that people […]

Are There Any Guarantees in Publishing?

I got an email today from an author with a strong request–he wanted me to get his book into airport bookstores. He was very anxious to hire me to do this for him. He made it clear that he was willing to pay for my services to do so. And he was equally clear that […]