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Online Networks Still Lagging Behind Other Networking Efforts

As part of the survey for the book, Business Networking And Sex (not what you think), my co-authors and I asked several questions that weren’t used in the final manuscript. The survey was open to the public and was conducted with over 12,000 business people from every populated continent in the world. One of the […]

Getting Your Book into Bookstores

Hey, hey. Your favorite book promoter here with this week’s installment on how publishing a book is like having a baby. Wanting the Best for Your Book Every parent wants the best for their child and that list starts with a good education. If the little angel develops a decent knowledge base and learns how […]

When Will My Ads Start Working?

The length of the “ramping up period” an ad campaign will require before you begin to see results is determined by the following factors, listed in descending order of their importance: Product Purchase Cycle Share of Voice Impact Quotient of message Media Delivery Vehicle Product Purchase Cycle How often is the customer in the market […]

The 10 Commandments of Networking

Leave out any of these strategies, and your networking is just a waste of time. Do you suffer from “butterfly-itis” at the very mention of networking at business functions? If you answered ‘yes,’ you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs get a bit uncomfortable when it comes right down to walking up to someone and starting […]

The Networking Disconnect

I was at a networking event in Europe last year where more than 500 people were in attendance. The speaker who was on stage just prior to my presentation asked the audience: “How many of you came here hoping to do some business today – maybe even make a sale?” The overwhelming majority of people […]

3 Steps for Entrepreneurial Success

By Louis Lautman Many people who become entrepreneurs struggle in their business because they don’t have the strategies to bring them the financial success that they are looking to achieve.  Even more struggle in their business because even when they financially reach success, they are still unfulfilled because they are not doing meaningful work.  After […]

Can You Repeat That?

“How long will it take?” “When will I start to see a return on my investment?” “Can you guarantee that your ad will work?” These questions constantly bombard my ears. People want me to pull out my prognostication wand as a marketing consultant. They want me to prove to them that the dollars they pay […]

It Should Have Worked . . .

Women should have waited hours in line for their chance to win a free Hearts on Fire Diamond, $4,000 engagement ring; pearl bracelet; or one of the other 97 gift bags worth a total of over $10,000. Add to that the fact that my Woodbridge, Virginia, jewelry store clients had stuck to their guns and […]

Planning Your Marketing and Marketing Your Plan

Developing a comprehensive marketing plan, and sticking to that plan, is crucial to making your book release a successful and joyful experience. It helps you account for unwanted surprises and ensures your ideas and preferences are being addressed. Kind of like a birth plan for your book, it provides a roadmap for managing your labor. […]

Bringing Home Baby

My family has just returned from our annual spring trek to the Colorado mountains. Each passing year I’ve wistfully dreamed of the day my little boys would be able to get up, eat, dress themselves, find matching gloves, and somehow end up on the mountain with all of their ski gear, in under an hour, […]