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The Myanmar Syndrome—Part II

To see my previous post, The Myanmar Syndrome—Part I, click here. The “What If” Test For evaluating many things, there is often a “What If” test that can reveal the quality or the problems with something. So let’s do such a test for an imagined piece of writing. Now, what if all the writing experts […]

The NewView Keyhole Outline

In the 1970’s, a school teacher by the name of Sheridan Baker used a form he called The Keyhole to teach how to write essays. I’ve taken that keyhole form and I’ve done several Additions plus Reorganizations and Substitutions to make The NewView Keyhole Outline, shown just to the right, here (about 100 years ago, […]

The Essence of Articles & Essays

Not only is the NewView concept the heart of fiction — as I showed in in one of my previous posts — it is also the essence of insightful articles and essays. Let’s first take a look at George Orwell’s widely anthologized essay, Politics and the English Language, and see what NewView lurks there. In the […]

Empower Your Writing with NewView Options–Part II

Earlier this week in Part I, I covered the basics of the NewView approach to writing and introduced you to the NewView Empowering Grid. Today, let’s take a look at how the NewView Empowering Grid can help us write an ad. Here’s a business situation: Harper’s Cabinets in Birmingham, Alabama, sells great cabinets at thrifty […]

Empower Your Writing with NewView Options–Part I

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a nickel for every time you’ve seen a commercial or advertisement touting new this or new and improved that? These terms may get overused, but they certainly draw consumers’ attention. The problem is, just what does “new” mean? Newness applies so differently to so many things that it […]

Rhetoric Not Credible, Says Expert – NewView Options Provides Creative Alternative to Obsolete Rhetoric

Aristotle’s Rhetoric was based on weak premises, and it is not even the Rhetoric historically taught in classrooms. Writing is creative, and Rhetoric makes no provision for creativity. On the other hand, the NewView system provided by NewView Options does offer a strong framework for creativity. Provo, UT – February 6, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Bill […]

Empower Your Writing with NewView, Part III—Promoting Your Book

Three weeks ago in Part II of this series, I showed how the NewView Empowering Grid can help you write an ad. This week, I’ll show you how to use the NewView Empowering Grid to generate ideas for promoting your book. Actually, though, I won’t work with a made-up situation through guessing about someone’s else’s […]