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E-Reading Escalates

Chances are good that you’ve already got an e-reader. Maybe a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad or another tablet or smart phone. Do you read books on it? If you do, you’ve probably got more reading material than you even anticipated you’d have when you first downloaded a title. There are a lot of people […]

Being Screwed Up Makes You Superior

In this Civic era in which we find ourselves, being a little “screwed-up” can actually work to your advantage. Or at least that seems to be the case when it comes to how voters are viewing their political leaders of late. “It just shows that everybody’s in the same boat these days, whether you’re a […]

Making Old Stories New

If any of you writers out there plan on attending any Christmas parties or other gatherings of people this holiday season, prepare yourselves for a stream of well-meaning, but annoying comments: “Ooh, I bet this is going to turn into one of your stories.” “Hey, I’ve got an idea for a poem you should write!” […]

The Digital Tipping Point

We’re at a tipping point in the distribution of entertainment. Soon, almost everything will come to us when we want it, in digital form. Following electronic readers from Sony, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, we’re likely to have a new tablet-style computer from Apple by the end of the first quarter of next year that […]

Simple Publishing Secrets

I started to explain all the complicated reasons why I pull back a little every time I go to the Poetry Slam. “I don’t just want to compete for the score. I want to say something meaningful, to be more about community than about trying to win. The scores are so unpredictable, and I never […]

When the Spotlight Shines Upon You

What do you do once you and your business (let’s pretend that writing is a business instead of an art) get discovered? How do you maximize the fame, the exposure, the screaming fans? Yes, I know it’s a bit far fetched, but let’s pretend for a moment that all your wildest dreams actually do come […]

Don’t Just Give Them Something Extra . . .

Students swarmed the Erwin Center, eager for the chance to meet prospective employers. We carried our resumés, wore our business attire, and readied our tongues to ask the questions that would get us a steady income. Company representatives readied themselves and all they had to share with us. Highlighters, pens, keychains, bags, and bottle openers […]

“Eets Going to Be Au-K”

Rain crashes and slides down the windows. We rock gently in the belly of the mini Air Canada jet as the wind thrashes everything on the runway outside. The guy in front of me curses, worrying that he won’t get to Toronto in time to pick up his rental car. I exchange jokes and smiles […]

The Gift of Ourselves

Dust, sweat & the smell of hard work clung to two teenage boys as the door swung open. “Hi, Mrs. Harmon. We finished for today.” She found her pre-written check and waved it toward our grimy fingers. “We’ll be gone next week at youth camp, so we won’t be by on Tuesday like usual. But […]