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Understanding the Persona Advantage

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In my last post, we looked at two scenarios to help you understand how knowing who your customer is on a personal level can lead to a deeper engagement with that audience. Here and in the next few posts we’ll look at the four basic personas. People have been interested in the correlation between personality […]

Reaching the Individual Among Your Audience

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, personas of the audience, Persona Architecture

In my last post, we looked at how it can be difficult for some entrepreneurs and authors to pin down who exactly they’re selling or writing to. Many people have a fuzzy idea of their audience, since they base their idea of their client on general terms, rather than specific examples. But when you target […]

Mistakes Gone Right?

Doesn’t this speak to the human condition and how we respond to things? We’re the same in some ways — we all get knotted up with anxiety from time to time. And in other ways we’re very different in terms of how we handle challenge, disaster or threat. Consider that the way we respond is so heavily dependent on psychographics. Yet, to expand this from the personal to the macro: Most marketing is driven by demographics alone, which means marketers are fishing with a pole and not fishing net.