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The Push-Me-Pull-Me of Publishing

Someone posed a tough question to me this week. She wanted to know how she could get funding so that she could write and research her book. She was considering pitching her as-yet unwritten book to investors. My foremost concern was giving her a straight answer without also discouraging her from creating her book. That […]

“Think First! Write Later!”

The emphatic two sentences of the title are a quote of what Stephen Coonts (New York Times bestselling author of fiction and nonfiction) said to me almost 20 years ago. I was his long-time editor at Simon & Schuster, but Steve taught me more about writing than whatever he may have learned from me. Steve […]

Proposal Appearance

Your proposal represents you; it’s your ambassador. Its appearance can cause editors to form an immediate opinion about you, your proposed manuscript, and your ability to deliver what you promise—and you know how important first impressions can be! A clean, well-organized, and easy-to-read proposal can convince editors to place your proposal atop the heap. A […]

Face the Fear — and Put It Out There Anyway

Picture the night before you tell the world about your book—– You are lying in bed when, sometime after midnight, the email you so meticulously crafted is broadcast. You will have officially, publicly, irretrievably launched. You’ve told the world — at least your highly targeted piece of it — about your book. As you picture […]

Maximum Comprehension

For the author, the ultimate creative goal is the best new book they can write, either on their own or working with an editor. When an author does have an editor, that editor knows that the ultimate editorial goal is providing the author with the most assistance in achieving their best book. Part of that […]


Why You Need to Listen to That Voice in Your Head That’s Telling You to Write a Book It’s really annoying, isn’t it, that voice in your head? You know the one. It keeps taunting you to write a book. It keeps nagging you to pay attention to that book in you that’s screaming to […]

Green Socks–Really!

How Can I Possibly Work without my Fuzzy Green Socks? Sound familiar? Forget all of the big reasons that might prevent us from getting down to business on writing our books. Sometimes—a lot of times—it’s not the “big stuff” that stops us in our tracks, it’s the fuzzy green socks. (Or the barking dog next […]

Borders Embraces Martial Art of Exclusive Distribution

By Aaron Hierholzer Barnes & Noble made a business-savvy move when it began publishing those cheap, bland-looking editions of public domain classics and piling them high on prominent tables in 2003. No, no, they weren’t trying to steal sales from other publishers––rather, the line “celebrates the genius of the human heart.” Borders announced its retaliation […]

So You’re Here to Network…

. . . Be Sure Your Behavior Supports Your Intentions! By Paula Frazier Too often, we allow ourselves to go on autopilot. We walk into meetings with our publishers, boardrooms with our editors, or a schmooze and booze event with our agents…and trust ourselves to know our latest oeuvre so well that we simply go […]

Comprehensive Editing

The last, major stage of the editorial process is comprehensive editing. The editor engages in it when all the preceding stages and forms of editing and revision have brought the latest version of the manuscript to its current highest level of achievement. It’s at this point in the book’s creative evolution that it is most […]