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Beware of Disappearing Blog Posts

Where did you go? I’ve found myself wondering that when I’ve clicked on a link and found that an author has last posted during an earlier presidential administration. (Granted, this isn’t as disconcerting as getting a Facebook “birthdays this week” reminder for an acquaintance who’s passed away – which happened to me a few days […]

Summer Reading

You might have been inspired by Bill Gates’ summer reading list, to try an old business book or two, or a new novel. Here’s my list, which includes a few oldies and a couple of new ones. Just a recommendation, of course – most people like having books suggested to them, though few actually follow […]

Giving and Taking: You’re Not Alone Self-Publish

The noted playwright David Mamet is only the latest big-name writer to self-publish. Mamet said that for his next book, which will consist of a novella and two stories, he will self-publish, working with his agency ICM Partners . Mamet self-publishing isn’t really news, not anymore, when people like the movie star Jim Carrey, for […]

Giving and Taking: Prizes: Marketing Above Quality

The Pulitzer Prizes were awarded this week, and while the work of worthy authors and reporters was acknowledged with a citation, this doesn’t mean that these books or articles or essays were the best of the year. Prizes are marketing tools. They ostensibly recognize quality, but don’t think that the authors or reporters who were […]

Journals, Notebooks, To-Do Lists

Do you keep a journal? Or even a notebook? Or a pad that you carry with you to record things you see? You should. A journal doesn’t have to be a long daily recounting of everything you’ve done during a day (though there’s nothing at all wrong with that). But it can be nothing more […]

Paging through the Future: Some Predictions for 2013

I was led by the crowds at my local B&N last week to believe that Barnes & Noble had been doing well. But apparently, the nation’s largest bookstore had a dismal holiday season. What’s more, sales of its Nook are disappointing. Now, the Nook is a great device. But people are apparently drawn more to […]

The Living Bookstore

The bookstore hasn’t died yet, fortunately. Good news for communities (bookstores are anchors for neighborhoods), good news for readers, good news for writers. Even good news for e-reading fans. According to the industry trade publication Publishers Weekly, bookstores had a very good holiday season, with many stores reporting sales increases of 10% or more in […]

All-Year Resolutions

One of the things everyone thinks of is trying to improve. Sure, many folks resolve never to take upon themselves those pesky New Year’s resolutions, while others have the intention of doing at least something to make their lives a bit more manageable. As we begin the next 12 months, I’d like to offer a […]

On Freedom and Gratitude

For me, and for many of my acquaintances, 2010 was a start-over year. And this year has been one of rebuilding. At this point, I am not alone in feeling momentum as we head into 2012. And trust me, we won’t have a global apocalypse. Can we put aside for good that Mayan Calendar gobbledygook […]

Holiday Wishes

This has been a tumultuous year for publishing – as have been the last few. We all know the headlines: shrinking profits, closing bookstores, quickly changing reading habits. But writers are still writing, publishers still publishing and bookstores still selling books (alongside mugs, games, stationery and such). During what the British call the festive season, […]