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How to Create an Online Media Kit

What Is an Online Media Kit? An online media kit is similar to a traditional media kit and has many of the same pages. However, an online media kit is in PDF format and is attached to an email to be used when a producer or journalist asks for more information about you. The benefit […]

Publicity Not to Expect From Your Publisher

Unpublished writers frequently assume that publishing companies employ large, in-house publicity departments that create extensive campaigns, lavish attention on their authors, and send them on glamorous, high-profile, national tours where they’re shuttled around in limos and feted at the best restaurants. They get this impression from constantly seeing celebrities and well-known authors plugging their books […]

Technicalities, Schmecnicalities

By Lari Bishop You’ve spent hours beautifying your manuscript, preparing it for submission to your publisher or agent—or getting it ready to wow potential publishers and agents. Then you get a note from your editor that everything you’ve done to make it interesting and attractive is killing the editorial and production process. Oops. You cry […]

Borders Embraces Martial Art of Exclusive Distribution

By Aaron Hierholzer Barnes & Noble made a business-savvy move when it began publishing those cheap, bland-looking editions of public domain classics and piling them high on prominent tables in 2003. No, no, they weren’t trying to steal sales from other publishers––rather, the line “celebrates the genius of the human heart.” Borders announced its retaliation […]

Striving for The Ideal

Book publishing has been described as “a noble profession.” That’s because we in publishing have dedicated our lives to a greater good: enriching our society and culture by helping authors get their books published and read. That’s a noble purpose, indeed. But should we try to do even more? Yes. Why? Because we’ll benefit ourselves, […]