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The Longest Mile

Ever wonder why the technology-fueled productivity gains of the 1990’s that transformed the U.S. economy seems to have bypassed book publishing? Doesn’t it feel like it takes longer than ever for your book to get to market? Rachel Donadio tries to explain this paradox in an essay that appeared in the New York Times Book […]

Publishers Creeping Into Digital

They should have done it a long, long time ago, but finally some publishers are selling directly to consumers, and also taking advantage of the surging self-publishing market. Random House, for example, has launched an online cookbook store, TasteBook, which is dedicated to cookbooks and books about food. And Atria, a division of Simon & […]

How Can a Visioning Strategy Assist You in an Economic Recovery?

By Warren B. Rutherford I have found in my executive coaching practice that my clients benefit greatly from the use of a visioning strategy. Recently I wrote about several strategies that writers and publishers could use to participate in an economic recovery. Writers and publishers can use this strategy to increase growth and profitability, and […]

Put Away the Doodads & Stick with the Basics

by Paula Frazier I must admit that I’m definitely not technologically savvy, even though I used to invest a pretty penny into making sure I had the latest and greatest toys and that I kinda-sorta knew how to use them. I ‘test drove’ some gadgets before some folks even knew they existed. For instance, I […]

Book Expo America 2008

Book Expo America is coming up May 29th thru June 1st at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It might hold some opportunity for writers seeking a home for proposals and manuscripts. I say “might” because my experience was not that rewarding. At the suggestion of my agent, I attended the 2006 Book Expo America in […]

3 Steps Toward Book Expo America You Can Take NOW

The countdown has begun with Book Expo America less than 60 days away. Will you be ready? Here are 3 essential steps you can take now! 1. Make a BEA Plan. Go to www.BookExpoAmerica.com and click on “2008 Attendee” to get to the 2008 Exhibitor List and a great set of FAQs. Check to see […]

Will Books Become Paperless?

Could Amazon.com kindle a fire that will burn the printed book market to the ground, or will they, themselves, flame out in the end? Much lamentation has occurred in newspaper circles about the slow death of newspapers. Mostly, they blame the Internet. Much lamentation has occurred in magazine circles about the slow death of magazines. […]

Technicalities, Schmecnicalities

By Lari Bishop You’ve spent hours beautifying your manuscript, preparing it for submission to your publisher or agent—or getting it ready to wow potential publishers and agents. Then you get a note from your editor that everything you’ve done to make it interesting and attractive is killing the editorial and production process. Oops. You cry […]

Borders Embraces Martial Art of Exclusive Distribution

By Aaron Hierholzer Barnes & Noble made a business-savvy move when it began publishing those cheap, bland-looking editions of public domain classics and piling them high on prominent tables in 2003. No, no, they weren’t trying to steal sales from other publishers––rather, the line “celebrates the genius of the human heart.” Borders announced its retaliation […]