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Covering Your (Publishing) Bases

Choosing an obstetrician is one of the first steps a woman takes when she thinks she’s pregnant. Some women feel more secure selecting a medical doctor. It’s customary and they have all the technology and equipment at their disposal. Other women like the idea of calling the shots themselves with the help of a midwife. [...]

How to Nurture a Happy, Healthy Book

In a previous post I had a little fun comparing publishing a book to having a baby. As I posted the article, I realized I was opening myself up to the potential backlash of a thousand angry mothers who remembered pregnancy as being anything but humorous. Yet here I type, a few weeks later and [...]

Your Little Binder of Joy

I’ve been a book promoter for seventeen years and a father for ten, and I’m convinced that
publishing a book is a lot like having a baby.
Guess What, Honey——I’m Writing a Book!
Nothing compares to the shivering exhilaration of the day you first put font to document. Your mind skitters uncontrollably from one question to the [...]

Elie Wiesel and the Holocaust

I was surprised, a while back, to see a picture of Elie Wiesel staring back at me from the essay page of the Sunday New York Times Book Review.
The picture was an old one, but he had the same pained, prophetic look that he did thirty years ago when he lectured in the basement of [...]

Surprising Broca

e Key to Creating a Message That Is Heard and Acted Upon

Broca’s Area resides in the left hemisphere of your brain, just over the southeast corner of the Motor Association Cortex. It’s the brain’s center for action words. It produces verbs, builds sentences, and predicts what people are going to say.
“Gee, Mike, that’s interesting. Uh—Would [...]

Six Rules for Scaling Mt. Bestseller

On January 30th, 1999, my friend and colleague, best-selling author Roy H. Williams, received perhaps the most riveting e-mail he has ever read:
Up until I read The Wizard of Ads, the most defining moment in my life was when I stood on the summit of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley — the tallest mountain in North America. [...]

Joining the Club

I’ve never met an author, publisher, or PR professional who wasn’t looking for the answer to the million-dollar question, What will motivate people to buy this book? And while I don’t believe there is any one magic recipe, I do think we can identify some of the ingredients if we strip away the literary focus [...]

Intellect Vs. Emotion

Speaking to Both Sides of the Brain
A good place for your author to start creating a marketing platform is with a seminar, a newsletter, or a website—preferably, all three. And, when crafting copy for each of those three communication vehicles, your author needs to decide up-front whether to appeal to intellect or emotion. Let’s consider [...]

Post-Publication & Post-Post-Publication

180 Additional Days to Harvest a Bestseller
The summer harvest season runs from the beginning of June through the end of August. It encompasses 90 days when farmers gather mature crops from their fields, cool, sort, clean and pack them, and then ship them off to the wholesale and consumer markets. The harvest period, no matter [...]

Pre-Publication Book Promotion

Guidelines for Implementing a Timely Marketing Plan
What would you say is the key to publishing a successful book? Good writing? The right niche market? A sizable marketing platform?
I think you need a layer of each of those elements working for you. But at its inner core, almost every bestseller is the result of a fully [...]

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