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Logging On — Part 2

My previous article (on using websites to build marketing platforms for your authors) addressed a website’s worldwide potential, as well as how to give visitors the information they’re looking for. Today’s article concludes this discussion by addressing the concept of wireframing, along with the five steps involved in the online selling process called conversion.
A Framework [...]

How Authors Are Like Musicians – What Actually Works

For 3 years, I spent time in the music industry. Have you noticed how experiences from other industries translate to new ones? Personally, the similarities of bands and artists in music to authors is immense. Here’s a quick anecdote about the music industry…
With my management skills and marketing knack/interest, a number of artists wanted my [...]

More Influence, You or Your Publisher?

Don’t wait until you have a “best-seller.” Instead start today to embody the qualities of that future you. Whether you do this by living in a more healthy manner, managing your time better, becoming a better friend, author or leader: it begins today.

On (Book) Covers & Controversy

On (Book) Covers & Controversy
by Auburn Rutledge Fox

Everyone loves a good book cover. That’s indisputable—good covers catch our eye and drawn us in. Every good cover requires hours of work by the designer as part of a painstaking process to accurately reflect the content while appealing to the tastes of the target audience.
To see [...]

The “Book Business” from a True Veteran’s Perspective

A publishing career spanning half a century is my dream, and Jason Epstein is the icon and achiever of this goal.
Epstein’s career is illustrious within the publishing world, boasting an impressive breadth and impact. Unlike many of the famous writers with whom he’s worked, including Auden and Nabakov, Epstein is still around to enjoy [...]

Simple Publishing Secrets

I started to explain all the complicated reasons why I pull back a little every time I go to the Poetry Slam. “I don’t just want to compete for the score. I want to say something meaningful, to be more about community than about trying to win. The scores are so unpredictable, [...]

Reading: Hobby or Lifestyle?

Have you ever had a favorite author/actor/singer and were so excited to support this talent in a new and diverse space, but found yourself so disappointed and couldn’t go back to idolizing their writing/acting/music?
I’m going to assume that everyone has suffered through a comparable disappointment. I like to think I’ve gotten smart over the [...]

Books & Business, with a Side of Pie

For me, a dedicated and driven shopper, the word Free doesn’t bring the same shiver of anticipation that Sample Sale does, as Free seems to denote something with no value. But, as I’ve recently learned from Chris Anderson, the implication of Free in the digital, non-tangible realm (purses, shoes, dresses, and such are not [...]

Let’s Make This Personal . . .

“Make sure you attach a cover letter.”
“Include a well-designed marketing plan.”
“Tell ‘em about the following you’ve developed on your blog.”
“Throw in something extra that will keep them from forgetting who you are.”
That’s all great advice, especially the one about attaching a cover letter. But lost somewhere in all the strategies and helpful hints designed [...]

The Booking Community Online

Growing up, I associated my “community” with distance – however far my parents were willing to drive to deliver me to play, and later the mileage I covered in my own car, cabs, trains, and planes.
As I’ve continued to age, the boundaries shifted from place to place, but frequently covered tangible ground. Within my [...]

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