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Surprising Broca

e Key to Creating a Message That Is Heard and Acted Upon

Broca’s Area resides in the left hemisphere of your brain, just over the southeast corner of the Motor Association Cortex. It’s the brain’s center for action words. It produces verbs, builds sentences, and predicts what people are going to say.
“Gee, Mike, that’s interesting. Uh—Would [...]

Six Rules for Scaling Mt. Bestseller

On January 30th, 1999, my friend and colleague, best-selling author Roy H. Williams, received perhaps the most riveting e-mail he has ever read:
Up until I read The Wizard of Ads, the most defining moment in my life was when I stood on the summit of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley — the tallest mountain in North America. [...]

Joining the Club

I’ve never met an author, publisher, or PR professional who wasn’t looking for the answer to the million-dollar question, What will motivate people to buy this book? And while I don’t believe there is any one magic recipe, I do think we can identify some of the ingredients if we strip away the literary focus [...]

Intellect Vs. Emotion

Speaking to Both Sides of the Brain
A good place for your author to start creating a marketing platform is with a seminar, a newsletter, or a website—preferably, all three. And, when crafting copy for each of those three communication vehicles, your author needs to decide up-front whether to appeal to intellect or emotion. Let’s consider [...]

Post-Publication & Post-Post-Publication

180 Additional Days to Harvest a Bestseller
The summer harvest season runs from the beginning of June through the end of August. It encompasses 90 days when farmers gather mature crops from their fields, cool, sort, clean and pack them, and then ship them off to the wholesale and consumer markets. The harvest period, no matter [...]

Logging On — Part 2

My previous article (on using websites to build marketing platforms for your authors) addressed a website’s worldwide potential, as well as how to give visitors the information they’re looking for. Today’s article concludes this discussion by addressing the concept of wireframing, along with the five steps involved in the online selling process called conversion.
A Framework [...]

How Authors Are Like Musicians – What Actually Works

For 3 years, I spent time in the music industry. Have you noticed how experiences from other industries translate to new ones? Personally, the similarities of bands and artists in music to authors is immense. Here’s a quick anecdote about the music industry…
With my management skills and marketing knack/interest, a number of artists wanted my [...]

More Influence, You or Your Publisher?

Don’t wait until you have a “best-seller.” Instead start today to embody the qualities of that future you. Whether you do this by living in a more healthy manner, managing your time better, becoming a better friend, author or leader: it begins today.

On (Book) Covers & Controversy

On (Book) Covers & Controversy
by Auburn Rutledge Fox

Everyone loves a good book cover. That’s indisputable—good covers catch our eye and drawn us in. Every good cover requires hours of work by the designer as part of a painstaking process to accurately reflect the content while appealing to the tastes of the target audience.
To see [...]

The “Book Business” from a True Veteran’s Perspective

A publishing career spanning half a century is my dream, and Jason Epstein is the icon and achiever of this goal.
Epstein’s career is illustrious within the publishing world, boasting an impressive breadth and impact. Unlike many of the famous writers with whom he’s worked, including Auden and Nabakov, Epstein is still around to enjoy [...]

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