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Intellect Vs. Emotion

Speaking to Both Sides of the Brain A good place for your author to start creating a marketing platform is with a seminar, a newsletter, or a website—preferably, all three. And, when crafting copy for each of those three communication vehicles, your author needs to decide up-front whether to appeal to intellect or emotion. Let’s […]

5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Network

Your networking efforts won’t succeed until everyone in the company takes part. Q: I recently started my own business and have a staff of five people. How do I get each of them to buy into networking as a way to grow the business? A:First, let me congratulate you for even considering this question. Too […]

2012: The End of the Publishing Industry as We Know it

A Mayan Myth predicts that the end of the world will occur on December 12 2012. While I’m not certain this is true, I do believe that December 12, 2012, will mark the end of the publishing world as we know it. I’ve been a maverick in the book industry for more then a decade. I […]

Small Press, Big Success

How a Pulitzer shows that the publishing world still doesn’t get it When Paul Harding won a Pulitzer Prize a few weeks ago for his novel, “Tinkers,” small publishers everywhere were thrilled, and big publishers everywhere (although there aren’t that many big publishers left) once again proved how their decision only to buy books they are sure will be blockbusters not only […]

The Inevitable Truth of Harlequin Horizons

It was inevitable. Traditional publishing sales kept falling and falling, while the number of self-published authors continued to rise. No business (at least no good business) would sit back and watch their company, their careers, and their passion fade away into oblivion. So last week, Harlequin, champion of the quickly churned-out romance novel, unveiled Harlequin […]

It’s Only Money

By Brian Viktorin Actually, it’s a little bit more than that. Specifically, it’s the lifeblood of a business, whether it be a lemonade stand on the street corner or a book publisher. And when it comes to the latter, we all love to see an endless stream of book sales roll in. But turning that […]