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Top 10 Ways to Waste Your Time in a Networking Group

Networking groups pay off handsomely in terms of referral business, so make the most of every single meeting and avoid wasting time—especially in the following ten ways: Word-of-mouth marketing is a sure-fire way to generate new business. A single referral can bring in a chain reaction of business, as one satisfied customer tells others, who […]

Just What IS Business Networking, Anyway?

Business networking is much more than showing up at networking functions, shaking a lot of hands, and collecting a bunch of cards—networking is about being proactive. Networking is the process of developing contacts and relationships to increase your business, enhance your knowledge, expand your sphere of influence, or serve the community. In its most basic […]

Identify Your Networking Strengths and Weaknesses

Now, more than ever, networking is critical to the survival of your business. So. . . how good are you at it? What are you strong at and what can you improve upon? In order to know whether or not you’re headed in the right direction with your networking strategy, you need to be able […]

Don’t Shotgun Your Sales Message–Sharpshoot It Instead!

You may perform a wide variety of services or offer a broad range of products to your customers. But for a referral, your description of what you do should be narrow and detailed, focused on a single aspect of your business. Yes, you may offer the most elaborate assortment of office furnishings available in your […]

Network Like a Pro

Want people to talk about your business? Time to take your networking skills to the next level Q: I want to start a business selling products and/or services over the Internet, and I think word-of-mouth marketing would really help attract traffic. My question is, how do I overcome the obstacle of being an incorrigible cave […]

Managing Your Business Cards

Try these tips for organizing all those business cards you’ve accumulated. Q: Can you give me some suggestions on managing the multitude of business cards I collect from people I meet at networking events? A: You’ve been diligent in attending networking functions-making connections, getting your name before the public—and you have a mountain of business […]

How to Become a Master Networker

Adopt these 10 traits, and you’ll have people knocking down your door trying to do business with you. Networking is more than just shaking hands and passing out business cards. Based on a survey I conducted of more than 2,000 people throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, it’s about building your […]

Getting Referrals That Count

Not all referrals are created equal. Learn how to identify weak referrals and mold them into sales-generating leads. A referral is a referral, right? At first glance, it doesn’t seem too complicated to develop basic referrals for your business; however, there’s quite a big difference between a basic referral and one that’s been properly developed. […]

Standing in the Middle of Referrals

We are all, each and every day, standing in the middle of referrals. We just aren’t paying enough attention to them. Part of our brain has something called a “Reticular Activating System” or RAS. Your RAS is like a filter between your conscious and your subconscious mind. It’s capable of taking instructions from your conscious […]

Investing in Your Social Capital

It pays to take advantage of knowledge and relationships when building your business–and your bottom line. I’m sure all entrepreneurs have heard of financial capital, but many may not have heard of social capital. Social capital is, in fact, very similar to its monetary sibling. It, too, is accumulated by an individual or a business […]