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Publishing: The Great Equalizer

At a recent Book Expo in New York City, where publishers, authors, journalists, booksellers and others meet to network and to drum up interest in new titles (and books in general), one thing was obvious: this was the rare place in these United States where the political parties met without rancor. To anyone who’s followed […]

Self-Publishing and Self-Selling

Publishers long ago should have not only created their own multi-platform e-readers, they should have seen the digital revolution and begun to sell books themselves. But they didn’t, and now they’re playing catch-up. Though they still don’t sell their own books. They work through Amazon and other retailers to do that. Publishers might not be […]

More Profitable Online Publishing

Publishing’s strength has shifted from the media elite to the masses. It began in the late ’90s with sites like GeoCities. In 2005, we witnessed the explosive emergence of the blogosphere. And in 2006, video and social websites drew the attention. Today, anyone with a browser and a digital camera can be a publisher. This […]

Taking Publishing Matters into Your Own Hands

Dave and Amy Nevland didn’t choose to deliver their son Beck on their own. They just found themselves in a situation where they had no other option. Amy couldn’t make it to the car, and Beck apparently didn’t feel like waiting for professional medical help to arrive. The only thing Dave could do was accept […]

Finding Your Ideal Publisher

I know it sounds odd, but the relationship between writer and publisher has some of the same dynamics as the relationship between expecting mother and obstetrician. (A collective “Whaattt?!” erupts from the audience.) Both relationships are initiated by a ‘conception’ of sorts. Both involve parties working together on a project lasting the better part of […]

How Deep Is Your Network?

You have a lot of contacts, but how well do you really know them? Strengthen the relationships you already have and you’ll grow a strong network you can always depend on. Once, someone I barely knew contacted me and asked if I would promote his business service within my networking organization. I considered this person […]

Specialists, Experts, Gurus, and Other Marketing Problems

At a party, I heard a man say he was having trouble with his digestion. A friend suggested he see a specialist. The man replied, “Oh no! I don’t like specialists. They cure their specialty instead of your actual trouble.” That got me thinking. Like medicine, marketing is full of specialists, each seeing her own […]

How to Buy Word-of-Mouth

The price of making a powerful statement is cheap compared to the cost of ads that don’t work. So make a statement that counts. This is the best advice I can give you. I’m not talking about making a grand and sweeping claim, such as, “Lowest prices anywhere. We won’t be undersold.” No one believes […]

Should We Do This—or Not?

An Unscientific Way to Test Ideas That Have Never Been Tested What could your competitor do that would make you want to beat yourself senseless for not doing it first? Chew on that, and we’ll come back to it in a bit. In the meantime—— Can you think of another industry that has gone through […]

The Right Thing To Do

So how do you really feel about publishing ‘going digital’? Are you excited about the opportunity to evolve old business models and create new revenue streams? Or do you feel like you’re being pushed in a direction you don’t want to go? You don’t have to go. You can always turn in your bookmark and […]