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Finding Subjects, Drawing People In

If you’re trying to make it as an artist, as a creative person, in the digital age, you’ve got have a site. Or at least a blog. Or at least a Facebook page. Or maybe a Twitter account. But how do you use these? Are you simply posting your random thoughts, or are you looking […]

Social Networking and Arts Careers

The most difficult thing for artists, even successful artists — aside from inspiration, of course — is obtaining funding. In this country, it’s a matter of scrounging around. Hoping to sell something while working on another job to support your art. Looking for grants. Writing proposals. In Europe, a lot of artists easily receive grants […]

Becoming a Recognized Authority

Successful authors, like successful parents, find ways to establish themselves as authority figures. And while I don’t know how many books business maven Guy Kawasaki has sold, or how many children he has, but it is obvious the man knows how to build a quality platform. He has spent the last twenty years branding himself as an […]

Network Like a Pro

Want people to talk about your business? Time to take your networking skills to the next level Q: I want to start a business selling products and/or services over the Internet, and I think word-of-mouth marketing would really help attract traffic. My question is, how do I overcome the obstacle of being an incorrigible cave […]

Managing Your Business Cards

Try these tips for organizing all those business cards you’ve accumulated. Q: Can you give me some suggestions on managing the multitude of business cards I collect from people I meet at networking events? A: You’ve been diligent in attending networking functions-making connections, getting your name before the public—and you have a mountain of business […]

If You Don’t Succeed the First Time, Try, Try, Again!

At the beginning of November, I wrote a blog post called, “Yikes! I am a Guinea Pig.” That post explains that I am a test case–a guinea pig so to speak! It was the first time that Michael [Drew] and Andrea [Reindl] were teaching a person with my level of computer skill and understanding how […]

5 Ways to Make More Holiday Sales through Social Media

It’s that time of year. It’s when products hope to sell the most and service-based providers assume no one really buys. Here are 5 effective ways to make more sales this holiday season. (And anyone who tells you this won’t work should watch this great video clip.) 1. Tell their husband that Santa sent you […]

Online Networking Process

In this post, I’m going to explain what networking is, the importance of networking, and the networking process.  Networking is one of the best ways to build credibility and get work done. What is networking? The definition of networking, according to Entrepreneur.com, is “Developing and using contacts made in business for purposes beyond the reason […]

How real can you go?

What do you think about the concept of ‘people aren’t just buying what you sell, they’re buying who you are’.   That’s a line from Michael’s Pendulum presentation. It’s something that we at Promote A Book really believe, practice and teach.  Converging are the realities of a civic cycle and the introduction of technology that allows […]