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Platform-Building by Chance

Which comes first, the website or the book? For many writers, especially those who specialize in nonfiction, it’s the website. They often begin their platform-building by posting their thoughts in a blog, or posting their news in feeds to their fans. Matthew White, a librarian at a federal courthouse in Virginia, began a website where […]

Taking Publishing Matters into Your Own Hands

Dave and Amy Nevland didn’t choose to deliver their son Beck on their own. They just found themselves in a situation where they had no other option. Amy couldn’t make it to the car, and Beck apparently didn’t feel like waiting for professional medical help to arrive. The only thing Dave could do was accept […]

The Myanmar Syndrome—Part II

To see my previous post, The Myanmar Syndrome—Part I, click here. The “What If” Test For evaluating many things, there is often a “What If” test that can reveal the quality or the problems with something. So let’s do such a test for an imagined piece of writing. Now, what if all the writing experts […]

Is That A Book Kicking Around Inside You?

It usually takes a while for a woman to discover she’s pregnant. She doesn’t look any different in those first weeks following conception. She doesn’t necessarily feel any different, either. But something miraculous is happening. A child has been conceived and is developing rapidly inside of her.Oftentimes writers are just as oblivious when it comes […]

Establishing a Position of Authority

Establishing a position of authority is essential for parents and authors alike. But in neither case is it so much about exercising power as it is about fostering a relationship of trust and respect. I remember the first time I had to tell our daughter Savannah “no.” She had just started crawling and no matter […]

Feeling Validated & Appearing Credible

Of course I expected things to change once my daughter was born. I heard all the horror stories about not getting any sleep. I read about the inconsolable crying that accompanies the ‘witching hour’. I even came to accept the fact that I’d have to get up close and personal with waaayy too many poopy […]

Resisting Instant Gratification

Pursuing instant gratification is a natural tendency for parents and authors alike, making it yet another example of how writing a book is like having a baby.I remember wondering if my daughter Savannah would ever sleep through the night. She would snooze beautifully until one or two in the morning. But then, without fail, her ‘Four-Alarm […]

Benefits & Royalties of Having a Book

Writing a book is like having a baby in that the benefits of having one are much greater than any royalties you might receive. Yes, Uncle Sam cuts you a break for having a dependent on your tax return, but you certainly don’t have children because you want to become rich. In fact, BabyCenter.com informed us […]

Getting Your Book into Bookstores

Hey, hey. Your favorite book promoter here with this week’s installment on how publishing a book is like having a baby. Wanting the Best for Your Book Every parent wants the best for their child and that list starts with a good education. If the little angel develops a decent knowledge base and learns how […]

How to Nurture a Happy, Healthy Book

In a previous post I had a little fun comparing publishing a book to having a baby. As I posted the article, I realized I was opening myself up to the potential backlash of a thousand angry mothers who remembered pregnancy as being anything but humorous. Yet here I type, a few weeks later and […]