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Think Young-Adult Nonfiction

Do you know what the most popular kind of book is? It’s young adult. Young adult fiction is one of the rare growth areas in publishing (apart from sales of e-books in relation to traditional paper and hardcover books). Some people see this as a continuation of the dumbing-down of modern society, and the rise […]

Offering a Solution for Your Buyer’s Needs or Problems

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In our last post, in outlining the six steps of the customer’s journey, we looked at step two: when the buyer warms to a company. To recap, here are the six steps: 6. Satisfied customer 5. Receives purchase 4. Makes purchase 3. Becomes lead 2. Warms to company 1. Seeks solution So far, we’ve looked […]

Being Screwed Up Makes You Superior

In this Civic era in which we find ourselves, being a little “screwed-up” can actually work to your advantage. Or at least that seems to be the case when it comes to how voters are viewing their political leaders of late. “It just shows that everybody’s in the same boat these days, whether you’re a […]

Making Old Stories New

If any of you writers out there plan on attending any Christmas parties or other gatherings of people this holiday season, prepare yourselves for a stream of well-meaning, but annoying comments: “Ooh, I bet this is going to turn into one of your stories.” “Hey, I’ve got an idea for a poem you should write!” […]

When the Spotlight Shines Upon You

What do you do once you and your business (let’s pretend that writing is a business instead of an art) get discovered? How do you maximize the fame, the exposure, the screaming fans? Yes, I know it’s a bit far fetched, but let’s pretend for a moment that all your wildest dreams actually do come […]

Don’t Just Give Them Something Extra . . .

Students swarmed the Erwin Center, eager for the chance to meet prospective employers. We carried our resumés, wore our business attire, and readied our tongues to ask the questions that would get us a steady income. Company representatives readied themselves and all they had to share with us. Highlighters, pens, keychains, bags, and bottle openers […]

The Gift of Ourselves

Dust, sweat & the smell of hard work clung to two teenage boys as the door swung open. “Hi, Mrs. Harmon. We finished for today.” She found her pre-written check and waved it toward our grimy fingers. “We’ll be gone next week at youth camp, so we won’t be by on Tuesday like usual. But […]

Results That Really Matter

My question floored him. Paul sat staring at me for a few seconds, mouth slightly ajar, so I repeated it: “What are you going to do with all the money you make when we hit it big?” After a little more time, he broke his contemplation: “I guess I haven’t really had vision for anything […]

Of Author Lunches and Penny-Pinching

Sometimes, it pays to pay to get your writers noticed I was recently at an event I had thought was in danger of disappearing from the publishing landscape: the author lunch. These lunches used to occur quite regularly. A publisher would herald the arrival of a new book by a noted author by inviting members […]