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Understanding the Persona Advantage

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, Persona Architecture, uncovery process

In my last post, we looked at two scenarios to help you understand how knowing who your customer is on a personal level can lead to a deeper engagement with that audience. Here and in the next few posts we’ll look at the four basic personas. People have been interested in the correlation between personality […]

The Motivations Behind Your Clients’ Individual Choices

Beneath the cover, writing a book, uncovery process, concept of personas

In my last post, we looked at how treating the customer as an individual leads you create a stronger marketing message, and build a better product (or write a book that more people might respond to). We work with our clients during our uncovery process to create the personas that the client can use to […]

The Hero of the Story of Your Work Is Your Client

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, uncovery process

In our last post, we looked at asking our clients to tell us the story of their service or product. When a client goes back and explores the makings of it, then the rationale behind it becomes clear. We also want to find out more about whom the client’s client is: the ultimate user. Putting […]

What Makes You Better?

Entrepreneurs often say that they’re better than the competition, but on a point-by-point basis they sometimes find it hard to explain exactly why. Products, services, even price. But what specifically about the product, what in particular about the services set you apart? And why is your price what it is? This is all part of […]

Big Questions to Ask Yourself to Know Your Goals

Few of us have maps to get to where we want to go. It’s the nature of life: you live it as you can. But it’s also the nature of our current world, where so much distracts us from focus. “The modern world, in fact, can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery,” writes […]