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Being A Nerd Easier Than You Think

More work in less time! Make money while sitting on your couch!  Meet your Soul Mate!  Do I have your attention?  I hope so because what I am going to talk about is how to make the previous statements more of a reality for your business ideas. You can work and make money more efficiently […]

5 Ways to Nurture a “Living Website”

My clients and friends make fun of me.  Some call me “dude,” think I talk funny and assume I was a proponent of California’s recent Proposition 19 because I speak often about a holistic approach to marketing, advertising and business. One of my “hippie-dippie” ideas that I believe in wholeheartedly is fostering and sustaining a […]

The Complexity of Closing a Sale

B2C, B2B, impulse purchases, straightforward purchases, considered purchases, nonprofit, lead generation… Your ability to persuade depends more on your audience’s key qualitative factors than on your business category and, many times, audience demographics. If you understand all the elements that make up your unique persuasive process — a marriage of how you sell and how […]

Building Better Category Pages

In nearly every Web analytics package, there’s a section for abandon rates, or where people exited your website. Online retailers often believe people abandon their sites on a product level. Yet abandonment typically happens at the category-page level. Why? For each type of perspective, profile, or persona on your Website, the category page’s job is […]

Using Links Effectively on Your Website

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We’ve been exploring the importance of the visual elements of your home page, to attract readers further into your site and your gravity well. Here we look at the importance of the judicious use of links. In fact, the best way to begin exerting that gravity pull on your visitors is to have them sign […]

The Value of Online Traffic

Is traffic cost inflation stalking you, or has it fully violated your marketing budget? No online marketer is exempt; online traffic costs will increase. It’s the nature of supply and demand. This Internet economy is settling into familiar patterns, and the costs of doing business online are beginning to resemble those of our brick-and-mortar brethren. […]

Delete Your E-mail List–Really!

Do you have a successful e-mail list? How do you determine its success?— Total subscribers? Number of weekly sign-ups? High open rate? Click-throughs? Comments generated? All those numbers are important, but often the real value of a good list is the participation it stimulates between the subscriber and your business. Too many businesses shell out […]

How to Improve Your A/B Testing

A/B testing is a proven means to increase conversion rate. It’s not as simple as it appears. It’s more than simply testing two or more versions of Web pages, banners, search ads, or whatever persuasive element you can imagine. It also has limitations. A/B testing, unlike the intuitive creative process, must be treated like a […]

What Are You Offering?

Businesses don’t fail due to reaching the wrong people. Businesses fail when they say the wrong things. And they say the wrong things when they believe what the public tells them. Conduct a survey. Ask the public to describe in detail the kind of place they’d like to shop. Then build that place, exactly as […]