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Rhetoric Not Credible, Says Expert – NewView Options Provides Creative Alternative to Obsolete Rhetoric

Aristotle’s Rhetoric was based on weak premises, and it is not even the Rhetoric historically taught in classrooms. Writing is creative, and Rhetoric makes no provision for creativity. On the other hand, the NewView system provided by NewView Options does offer a strong framework for creativity. Provo, UT – February 6, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Bill […]

Rhetoric Followers Want “New Rhetoric” – NewView Options Provides the “Rhetoric of Newness”

Many major scholars of Rhetoric have been calling for a “New Rhetoric” for years because Rhetoric hasn’t panned out well, especially as applied to writing. NewView Options claims to have created an effective “Rhetoric of Newness” to replace the old, ineffective Rhetoric of forms handed down from ancient Greece. Provo, UT – January 26, 2010 […]