Take Advantage of the Speed of E-Publishing

Consider releasing your work in pieces.

Once you’ve got a chunk of your book done, put it up there – utilize the power of e-publishing to continue to broaden your reach. You can also repurpose your work – from existing articles, or newsletters or research you’ve done – to find a fresh audience.

That’s what the Hearst Corporation is doing – it’s releasing a holiday cookbook as an e-book. It’s putting together this book based on its library of recipes from its various magazines. This is a very good idea – considering how popular holiday-themed magazines are, and how everyone is always looking for that special holiday recipe. Not to mention how many home cooks dread adding to bookshelves full of heavy cookbooks, cookbooks that even the most fervent home baker or chef might only look at once or twice a year.

If you’re building your platform to attract an audience and engage with your readers, you’ve already created materials, based on your articles or blog posts or newsletters. You may already have additional writing in your files that you could take a look at and reshape to create en e-book.

It doesn’t have to be long, and it doesn’t have to be expensive — $0.99 or $1.99. It can, in fact, be free. The point is, use what you have. Even if you plan to incorporate some of this material into a book at a later date, releasing some of it now won’t dilute that later work. It will, however, help you grow your tribe.

Because of the speed with which companies like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, among others, can bring an e-book to market, you can take advantage of that and reach your audience immediately. No longer does a reader have to wait a year to find something new from you: you can provide your insights every few months.

And because e-readers store so much, with no physical presence, you won’t be cluttering up a home library or office bookshelf with your works: your writing will be there at the touch of a finger.

Better on their tablets and e-readers than in your to-do file.

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