The 5 Most Effective Things To Do with Your 5000 Facebook Friends

So, you’ve reached the goal of maxing out on Facebook friends. It should mean big business, right? Not necessarily. Actually, if you don’t take specific actions with your 5000 friends, it actually serves mainly as a block to new connections.

Here’s exactly what to do now that you “have too many friends.”

1. Keep a little below the friend limit.

If you can’t add any more friends, people can’t add you as their friend either. They may be ready to buy from you, but can’t reach out to you. So, keep your connections (which FB adds to the number of pages you “like” when it decides if you’ve reached the max) under 5000. Just because you’ve reached the limit of friends that Facebook allows doesn’t mean there aren’t loads more people out there needing your services or products, and if you keep below the limit, Facebook won’t block their friend request.

2. Suggest to any additional people who request to become friends that they join you on your business page.

It’s not easy to build “like” numbers without spending money. However, if people are reaching out to you and you send a nice return note (for example: “I’ve reached my max here, but would love to connect. Please join me on my other page.”), the amount of people who will is huge. And, if they do, they’ll probably be an engaged fan, too (which is want you want for your brand in a social media world).

3. Weed some out periodically.

I rarely say to do anything that subtracts in social media (it’s generally a waste of time and a great cover for procrastination – or fear of being seen), but you probably have friends that are not connecting with you. They’ve blocked your news feed, they never interact on your page, and they’re taking up a real space where you could have better connection with your target market. So – for this reason only – unfriend ‘em. (Unless you’d prefer to go the crazy route and automate your social media to the insane level.

4. Invite them to your business page.

If you’ve got 5000 friends, you might as well explore all the goodness that comes with that. If you ever are looking for corporate sponsorship or a publishing deal, you’ll want as many “likers” as you can get. If you’d like the code that will invite them all with one click to your page (as opposed to 5000 clicks), let me know below and I’ll get it to you, too!

5. Social Media “JV”.

Having 5000 connections is a real resource. Reach out to those who have a similar target market and ask if they’ll post about you if you post about them (of course, have them promote your “like” page if you can’t accept additional friend requests). Seriously, instantaneously, you can have access to lots of new buyers.

If you have 5000 friends and aren’t doing anything with them that moves your business forward, it
actually could be damaging your business. When people find out about you, and can’t connect with you, it almost feels to them like bad customer service. So instead, keep the connection alive – there’s loads of money being made by those in social media who do. (And do let me know if you want the secret code! I’m happy to send it to you.)

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