I’ve heard a lot of people saying lately that social media is ineffective as launch strategy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve seen new entrepreneurs make $20k launching their first class. I’ve seen seasoned entrepreneurs make $15k in an hour – with no sales page. There are loads of brilliant launch strategists. Here are some amazing tips for doing it via social media..

1. Poll Your People.

In this new economy the way to know what to sell is by finding out how you can serve people. Ask them what their biggest challenge is with the topic you serve and they’ll tell you. And, once you get the conversation going (particularly if you give people a choice between two polarizing topics) it will grow like a snowball rolling down a mountain.

2. Provide Free Content.

Next, you’ll want to give them some of what they need – for free.  Posting your content on a blog and connecting it with social media works beautifully. Here’s a great example from Eben Pagan’s current launch. (Another tip: if your audience can get fast results from anything you teach them during this part, they’ll be hungry for more.)

3. Engage.

Always in social media you want to be conversing. It’s a two way street. Comment on your target market’s posts and prepare to do a web show (or a teleseminar, or event…). Again, here’s Eben with a replay. People need to know you in order to buy from you. This is the point when you want them to experience you.

4. Provide An Opportunity to Purchase.

Most seasoned entrepreneurs have this part down, but I’m amazed by how difficult this is for many early entrepreneurs. If you don’t give them the chance to purchase, they won’t. And don’t just send emails, strategically use social media for this too. (If you don’t understand how to sell through social media, contact us – we can help.)

5. Show Social Proof.

You’ll want to let people see that what you do works. You can ask your clients to post proof on your wall. You can post a “Congrats!” on your wall to a client who has had great results (make sure to link to their page). Social proof is easy – and key – in a social media world.

6. Keep Selling.

This is where many people fail. Simply because you’ve started selling doesn’t mean you’ve stopped. After purchasing, people will post, comment or respond about how excited they are. Continue to allow people to purchase. You’ve just begun to get the results that social media sales will give you.

7. If Your Launch was Successful…Re-Launch.

We’ve had people launch the same thing three times and sell like hotcakes. The first group of purchasers will encourage the second group to purchase, etc, on social media. People truly want to spread good news about you and if you only launch once, you cap their enthusiasm.

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