The Catalog Page and Your Gravity Well

Beneath the Cover, website strategy, editing and desiging, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellWe’ve been exploring the importance of the layout of your home page, to attract readers further into your site and your gravity well. Here we look at the use of your catalog page.

The pull of your gravity well should, in fact, lead visitors to your catalog page. While your website will exert a gravity pull throughout, most of that pull should take the form of invitations to receive more free information, such as free chapters from your book or insightful articles from elsewhere. These will help to keep your strongest sales pitches on your catalog page.

The presentation of your products is an important part of the conversion process (turning visitors into customers). To review the sales/conversion lingo for a moment, your product presentation generally comes after you’ve developed a rapport with your prospects and before you qualify and close them. Your catalog page must accomplish several tasks in order to persuade people to purchase something from you.

It’s helpful to think of your catalog page as the back cover of a book. Copy on the back cover usually describes what a reader can expect to find within the book, so on your catalog page you should provide a tight synopsis of each product, along with a few testimonials from experts who’ve read your book or used your products.

You should also give your visitors a peek at what your book has to offer, by providing a free look at a key chapter. Make the peek a meaningful one, not merely the preface or some introductory paragraphs you don’t mind giving away. It should optimally be something real and actionable that the visitor can use, that will bring the visitor back for more.

On the technical end, you need to work with a website developer to set up your catalog page so that people can purchase the products offered on your site, unless you link to a site such as Amazon. Although you will make less money when you use services such as Amazon for your products, it will save you the time and money of setting up your own secure website, getting a merchant account and dealing with other hassles of selling things online.

Next, we’ll take a look at your “about you” page. .

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