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news, industry newsThis year’s BookExpo America, which begins May 27, hosts China for the first time, as part of the BEA’s Global Market Forum initiative.

Beyond the e-book advances and self-publishing growth that will undoubtedly make up a lot of the conversation at BEA, the business of how to do business sin and with China is important. There will be a host of events at the convention as well as throughout New York City to mark this exchange.

The China delegation at BEA will be the largest international delegation ever to attend the event, according to BEA, with over 500 publishers representing more than 100 publishing companies. Not to mention more than 25 Chinese authors.

“This is a significant exchange between two cultures and industries that we believe will have a lasting impact on the relationship between the two countries and their respective publishing and cultural markets,” said Steven Rosato, show manager for Book Expo America. He added that this exchange will further heighten “exposure to literary tastes and traditions across boundaries that have been impediments to dialogue and exchange in the past.”

One of the more interesting events at the convention will be a forum that will examine how digital media and globalization, changing markets and audiences affect publishing in the U.S. and China, the world’s two largest publishing markets.

China represents an enormous opportunity for American authors, publishers and self-published authors, if they can determine how best to market their works (or what particular works to market) to a Chinese audience. At the same time, China’s authors have opportunities and challenges in the U.S., which has been somewhat slow to embrace works in translation. Perhaps new digital technologies will help break down those barriers.

And translation will be a major discussion point too – what do self-published authors in English do to get their works translated successfully into Mandarin? And how can Chinese authors do the same in getting their books turned into English? There are a lot of opportunities here – and you can’t rely on Google Translate to create a readable novel.

You can get more information about the various events here:


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