The Motivations Behind Your Clients’ Individual Choices

Beneath the cover, writing a book, uncovery process, concept of personasIn my last post, we looked at how treating the customer as an individual leads you create a stronger marketing message, and build a better product (or write a book that more people might respond to). We work with our clients during our uncovery process to create the personas that the client can use to understand more clearly the motivations of the individuals who make up the audience for the client’s product, service, or book.

Here, over the next few blogs, we will look at the concept of personas, and how they can help you in all aspects of your business, but in particular in your relationship with your reader-audience

Understanding personas will also make it easier to write a book geared toward your target market, which explains and explores your service (and your expertise) in a way that everyone in your target market can understand, regardless of personality type or behavioral motivation. (It will later serve you in business in writing emails and marketing copy.) You will give your audience the information that people in it can actually use.

Keep in mind that you can apply personas not only to your book, but to your services, products or business – anything that involves communicating your ideas to other people in a direct, intuitive and engaging way

You can apply the concept of personas to any form of communication, in fact.

Our work with clients in personas is based on what my colleagues learned from the work of the brilliant marketers Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenbergs, who had the insight to use certain psychological discoveries about human behavior and motivation in determining how best to market to different people.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the basic psychology of personality, as it applies to the concept of personas. You’ll find that knowing what makes even a representation of your customer tick can really lead you toward a greater understanding of your market and the impact you have on it.

We’ll continue to explore this in our next post.

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