The Seminar and Your Gravity Well

publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellSeminars and lectures help you attract and audience and build your marketing platform, provide the most powerful means for an author to create a quality marketing platform. Seminars are also an important aspect of your gravity well.

As you may recall, the gravity well is the means for attracting people, pulling them in closer for more and more sales (we take the term gravity well here from the sense of how a black hole at the center of a galaxy draws in objects with the strength of its relentless gravity). At the edge of your “event horizon” or your gravity well, are the things you give people to draw them further in, such as a free newsletter. As people purchase your book and perhaps a few other items, they feel the pull of the gravity of your brand, and they spend more time with you, sharing more information and eventually making more expensive purchases.

Since seminars and consulting are usually the most expensive products and services you would offer, the people who attend your seminars or use your services are already within you gravity well. But before then – that is, before people are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to attend your seminar or hire you as a consultant – they are part of your marketing platform. In all likelihood they will have read about you, have become aware of your book and probably have visited your website before attending the seminar.

Seminars, therefore, are a great indicator of the size and quality of your marketing platform. If hundreds of people attend your free or low-cost seminar, you can conclude that your platform is large. If, however, hundreds of people pay $400 or more to attend your seminar, you will know not only that your platform is quite large, but also that your gravity well has drawn in a significant amount of people.

We classify seminars as falling into two groups: those you organize yourself and those that are organized by others. Both kinds of seminars are important to your marketing-platform strategy, tough each has its own impact and purpose.

We’ll explore in our next two posts seminars that you organize yourself.

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