The Story of a Methodical Personality

Beneath the Cover, promote a book, writing a book, methodical personalityWe’ve been looking at how to market to the methodical personality.

To recap, methodical personalities prepare and organize before they take action. They appreciate facts. They value organization and routine. They prefer to think and speak about details and specifics. They are thoughtful. They plan in advance and want to know all the details.

Here’s a story in which a methodical personality plays an important part.

In The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow is organized. He prides himself on being thoughtful, loyal and a good friend. He has the best of intentions and certainly likes when he can predict what is coming.

To remind you, a scenario narrative of a persona is akin to a quick synopsis of a person’s life story, here modeled along the lines of a particular personality type. Persona scenarios cover important events that shape a person’s wants, needs and motivations. Basically, it’s a person’s back story. It explains what makes him or her tick and gives the persona the feel of a real person. Let’s look at the Scarecrow’s story.

The Scarecrow is driven by a strong sense of duty to his family and to helping other scarecrows in the community. He’s worried about providing for his sizable family—six children is a lot of mouths to feed, but he’s a devoted husband and an awesome dad.

Scarecrow yearns to do something big—something that will make a big difference in the lives of his friends and neighbors.

The economy is tough in Oz. Crime rates in his area have increased due to not one but two wicked witches and their aerial gang of winged monkeys. The winged-monkey gangs have been terrorizing scarecrow families with matches and fireballs, setting helpless scarecrows on fire.

Scarecrow wants to create a flame-retardant spray to keep his fellows safe from winged-monkey mischief. But there’s a lot of science behind creating a product like this (he also wants the formula to be organic without harmful chemicals).

Scarecrow’s head full of straw makes it difficult to plan, structure and organize the necessary research and facts to move forward.

He needs the brains to pull this off and he’s willing to sacrifice a lot to reach this goal.

How would you market to Scarecrow?

We’ll explore that in our next post.

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