The Story of a Particular Competitive Personality

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, competitive personality, Wizard of OzIn my last post, we looked at the competitive personality. As I mentioned, competitive personalities seek competence in themselves and others, can be very intense and a irritated by inefficiency.

Again, as you will see in this story (based on the wonderful personality representations of characters from The Wizard of Oz), a competitive personality such as the story’s heroine Dorothy Gale has a deep appreciation for challenges. (As we also mentioned, a narrative of a persona helps the client understand, in story fashion, what makes a person tick – the likes, dislikes, desires and goals of a particular personality.)

Here is a version of Dorothy’s story, loosely adapted from the original.

Dorothy, a recently orphaned teenage girl, lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry on a farm in Kansas. Her life isn’t bad—she has food to eat and a roof over her head—but she longs for something more than counting chickens and feeding pigs.

You see, Dorothy has grand ideas and aspirations. She dares to believe in big dreams—somewhere over the rainbow. Dorothy seeks solutions to problems and takes action quickly. After her controlling and intolerant neighbor Miss Gulch confiscates Dorothy’s dog Toto and threatens to take him to be euthanized for snapping at her, Dorothy quickly finds a solution and takes immediate action, retrieving Toto from Miss Gulch’s possession and running away from home. Dorothy is unafraid of the consequences and focuses completely on achieving her objective of saving Toto’s life.

Dorothy is supremely goal-oriented. After a tornado somehow transports her far from home, and finding herself stranded in the faraway land of Oz, she immediately determines that she wants to find her way back home. With this plan in mind, Dorothy seeks counsel from a qualified resource, Glinda the Good Witch of the North. Glinda tells Dorothy that the way to reach her goal of getting home is to seek the Wizard of Oz—another highly respected expert. Dorothy persists in reaching her goal in spite of a host of obstacles set in her path by her nemesis, the Wicked Witch of the West.

A natural leader, Dorothy meets and enlists the assistance of three companions she met along her path to reach her goal: returning home to Kansas.

Dorothy demands competence from those around her and continually motivates her four companions to utilize their inner strengths and resources, with the aim of helping the group achieve their objectives.

We’ll explore communicating with competitive personalities in our next post.

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